This file used to hold print headers for anatomic path reports and as a temporary holding file for path cumulative, incomplete and complete reports. It may also be used for any accession area file since the NAME (.01) field is a pointer to the accession area file (68).
.01name(+)0;1POINTER68BThe name of the Lab section print pointed to the Accession file.
.02abbreviation(+)0;2FREE TEXTCAbbreviation to the name of the Lab section print
.03report header 10;3FREE TEXTFirst header in path report after Post operative Diagnosis. The routine used is LRSPRPT (CY/EM/SP patient report).
.04report header 20;4FREE TEXTSecond header in path report after Post operative Diagnosis. The routine used is LRSPRPT (CY/EM/SP patient report).
.05print snomed/icd codes0;5SET OF CODES1:LOWER CASE
If lower case is to be printed for SNOMED and ICD9CM codes enter 1 or LOWER CASE.
.06gross description spacing0;6SET OF CODESD:DOUBLE
If double spacing, gross descriptions for anatomic path microscopic examinations will be double spaced, otherwise single spacing will be used.
.07lines in a label0;7NUMERICThe number of lines from the top of one label to the top of the next label. This is used as the default value when printing various labels.
.08accession prefix0;8FREE TEXTIf accession prefix is entered the path report will have the accession number printed as follows: PREFIX yr accession# Ex. If S entered for the prefix, accession # is 123 and year 87 the path report will print the accession as S87 123 If you want a space after S enter a space after the 'S'. To eliminate the prefix and date delete the entry. (ex. S//@ ).
.09print sf-515 lines0;9BOOLEAN0:NO
YES- Prints all dashed lines in the SF-515 form NO- Does not print all lines
.1ask tc codes0;10SET OF CODES1:YES
Allows coding cases for tissue committee
.11routine procedure 10;11NUMERICNumber of times procedure is routinely performed. For EM the number of thick sections made per block.
.12routine procedure 20;12NUMERICNumber of times routine procedure is performed. For EM the number of grids routinely made per block.
.13report header 30;13FREE TEXTThird header in path report after Post operative Diagnosis. The routine used is LRSPRPT CY/EM/SP patient report). For surgical pathology this header will be the frozen section report.
.14report header 40;14FREE TEXTFourth header in path report after post op dx. The routine used is LRSPRPT. For surgical pathology this header will be the diagnosis field.
.21new pg for supplementary rpt.2;1SET OF CODES1:YES
If a page feed is wanted before printing the supplementary report a 'YES' is entered.
.3slide label.3;0MULTIPLE69.22Enter the name of the type of preparation or technique used for specimens.
1incomplete reports queue1;0MULTIPLE69.21Here are stored the temporary list of specimens logged-in for printing at time of microscopic exam. The report will contain all past specimens with their SNOMED coding in free text form for Surg path, cytopath, and EM. If there are gross descriptions they will be part of the print-out.
2completed reports queue2;0MULTIPLE69.23This is a temporary list of final path reports to be printed on demand. Entries automatically are entered when the microscopic diagnoses or supplementary are entered for Surg path, Cytopath or Electron microscopy.
3interim report number3;0MULTIPLE69.29 This field contains the numeric sequence of this particular interim report.
4reports on demand4;0MULTIPLE69.27Name of the report on demand from the Lab Data file
5entry number5;0MULTIPLE69.24Entry number to appropriate file
6generic list6;0MULTIPLE69.26Generic label name
7user request list7;0MULTIPLE69.28Names of users from file 200
8file8;0MULTIPLE69.31Files for temporary lists of entries.
9labels9;0MULTIPLE69.25ID number of label
10snomed & tc coding10;0WORD-PROCESSINGText entered here will appear on the preliminary pathology report after the cum path summary.
11topography category11;0MULTIPLE69.211SNOMED coded topography categories
12morphology entry12;0MULTIPLE69.212SNOMED morphology entries
60test list number60;0MULTIPLE69.33The list number for a group of selected lab tests.
61topography61;0MULTIPLE69.61For entries the most recent results of tests selected below will be displayed or printed. Ex. You may want to know the results of selected chemistries for a patient who has just had a liver biopsy. Topography entered would be LIVER For blood bank the tests entered will be displayed whenever a crossmatch is ordered or when components are displayed.
999data change date999;0MULTIPLE69.299Date of the Data change

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