This file contains the master list of predicted value and correction formulas for use in Pulmonary Function Tests.
.01pft formula(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis contains the actual formula used for the calculation of PFT predicted values
1type(+)0;2FREE TEXTDThis field is used to indicate which elements of the PFT the formula applies to. For example, a TLC in this field would indicate that this formula is used for Total Lung Capacity predicted values. This field is used as a screen when the formula set is edited.
2reference0;3FREE TEXTCThis field contains the name of the person developing the formula and the year in which it was developed.
3sex type0;4SET OF CODESM:MALE
EThis field indicates whether the formula applies to male or female patients.
3.5race type0;11SET OF CODESB:BLACK
This field is used for doing race corrections on certain PFT elements. It indicates whether the formula for race correction applies to Black or Oriental patients.
4ci0;5NUMERICThis field identifies the confidence interval. It is subtracted from the predicted value to give a 95% confidence interval. Not all elements will have confidence intervals.
5see0;6FREE TEXTThis field identifies the standard error equivalent, ie the amount of variance in the formula.
6method0;7FREE TEXTThis field identifies the method by which the formula was calculated.
7demographics0;8FREE TEXTThis field identifies the type of demographics on which the study was done which resulted in the formula: ie, Black Males, White Females, etc.
8smokers included0;9BOOLEANY:YES
This field identifies whether or not smokers were included in the study that resulted in the formula.
9altitude0;10FREE TEXTThis field identifies the altitude at which the study that resulted in the formula was done.

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