This file contains the transactions between the instruments and user generated data as it is matched to a consult order and a TIU document is created for the results. It also manages the interface between the images and the Imaging server.
.01patient(+)0;1POINTER2BThis field contains a pointer to the Patient file (#2) for this transaction.
.011ssn (c)COMPUTEDThis field contains the computed value of the patient's SSN from the Patient file (#2).
.012dob (c)COMPUTEDThis field contains the computed value of the patient's DOB from the Patient file (#2).
.02created date/time(+)0;2DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date/time the transaction was created.
.03created by(+)0;3POINTER200This field contains the DUZ of the user that created this transaction.
.04cp definition(+)0;4POINTER702.01ACPThis field contains a pointer to the CP DEFINITION file (#702.01) indicating the procedure of the transaction.
.05consult number0;5FREE TEXTACONThis field contains an Consult number from Request/Consultation file (#123). This field represents the Consult order that is matched up to this transaction. (Reference IA #3162)
.06tiu note0;6POINTER8925ATIUThis field contains a pointer to the TIU DOCUMENT file (#8925) representing the note that contains the interpretation of this transaction as well as the links to the associated images. (Reference IA #3376)
.07vstring0;7FREE TEXTThis field contains the vstring. The vstring is in the following format: Visit type_";"_Visit Date/Time_";"_Hospital Location (internal entry number of the visit).
.08transaction message0;8FREE TEXTThis field contains a short 80 characters text message of the transaction status update.
.09transaction status0;9SET OF CODES0:New
4:Ready to Complete
5:Pending Instrument Data
ASThis field contains the status of this transaction. Available statuses are listed below with a description of each. 0: New This transaction has been created by an external application and needs to be checked-in with the CPUser application and submitted to an instrument. An example of this status would be a consent form scanned in via the VistA Imaging Capture Workstation that creates a CP Study record stub with a TIU document but allows further input with the CPUser application. 1: Submitted This transaction has been submitted to the VistA Imaging Background Processor and is awaiting the copy process to place the attachments for the study on the VistA Imaging server. A study in this status is not accessible until VistA Imaging returns a status of Complete or Error and logs any errors encountered in the submission process. 2: Error This transaction has encountered an error while being submitted to VistA Imaging. The error may be due to the TIU note creation or a problem with the attachments sent to the VistA Imaging server. Error messages are logged with the transaction and can be reviewed by users when opening the transaction in an error status. 3: Complete This transaction has completed the process and has successfully created a TIU note for interpretation on the selected Consult and if any attachments were included they have been successfully copied to the VistA Imaging server. 4: Ready to Complete This transaction has been checked in and alternatively, if submitted to a bi-directional instrument, has received the data back from the instrument. Users may open these transactions and view the Consult/Procedure order as well as assign instrument results to the study. Once these steps have been done this study can be submitted to VistA Imaging. 5: Pending Instrument Data This transaction has been submitted to a bi-directional instrument and is awaiting that instrument to return the results of the procedure. Transactions in this status should not be opened until the instrument has returned the results, assigned them to the study, and marked it as Ready to Complete. 6: Cancelled This transaction has been cancelled when the procedure request in Consult Report Tracking and CPRS has been cancelled or discontinued.
.091error messages.091;0MULTIPLE702.091This multiple contains the information on the error messages that Clinical Procedures receive from API calls with Consults, TIU, CPRS, and VistA Imaging.
.1image.1;0MULTIPLE702.1This multiple contains the image attachment information for the transaction.
.11submitted to instrument0;11POINTER702.09AINSTPoints to the instrument definition that this study was submitted to at the time of check-in.
.12instrument order number0;12FREE TEXTAIONContains the unique order number for this study that is sent to the instrument if it is bi-directional so the results can be auto-matched back to this study by the CP Gateway. Field is 1-22 characters and contains only numeric characters.
.13visit1;1POINTER9000010AVISITThis is the Visit entry returned from PCE. (Reference IA# 1902)
.14scheduled date/time3;1DATE-TIMEASDThis field contains the date/time when the HL7 message should be sent by CP to the device for this CP transaction.
.3conversion id reference2;1FREE TEXTACONVThis field is the Reference Conversion ID. It is a variable pointer to the Medicine files. It indicates which converted Medicine report record is associated with the CP Transaction study. This field helps to keep track which CP Transaction study was created for the Medicine report conversion. This field is a variable pointer to the following files: 691 ECHO 691.1 CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION 691.5 ELECTROCARDIOGRAM (EKG) 691.6 HOLTER 691.7 EXERCISE TOLERANCE TEST 691.8 ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY (EP) 694 HEMATOLOGY 694.5 CARDIAC SURGERY RISK ASSESSMENT 698 GENERATOR IMPLANT 698.1 V LEAD IMPLANT 698.2 A LEAD IMPLANT 698.3 PACEMAKER SURVEILLANCE 699 ENDOSCOPY/CONSULT 699.5 GENERALIZED PROCEDURE/CONSULT 700 PULMONARY FUNCTION TESTS 701 RHEUMATOLOGY
.991image countCOMPUTEDComputed field to return the total number of images associated with this transaction.

Referenced by 4 types

  1. CP_TRANSACTION_TIU_HISTORY (702.001) -- study_id
  2. CP RESULT REPORT (703.1) -- study reference number
  3. CP_HL7_LOG (704.002) -- study_reference_nbr
  4. HEMODIALYSIS STUDY (704.202) -- id