This file will hold a subset of patient movement data. This must be done rather than using a direct reference to the PATIENT MOVEMENT file (#405) because, in the instance of cancellations, the internal entry number (ien) of a patient movement disappears before there is the chance to work with it. This file will coalesce all of a movement's data to send to 3rd party users. That data is sent to 3rd party users via Health Level Seven (HL7) messaging. To ensure that message is available to 3rd party users, the ACCEPTED BY QUEUE field (#.09) is set to '1' to confirm the message is in the HL7 outbound queue; that CP MOVEMENT AUDIT file entry will then need to be purged.
.01patient(+)0;1POINTER2BThis field is the identifier of the patient involved in the patient movement event.
.02date time of event0;2DATE-TIMEThis field stores the date/time of the patient movement event.
.03division0;3POINTER40.8This field identifies the DIVISION per the patient movement event.
.04ward0;4POINTER42This field identifies the WARD per the patient movement event.
.05bed0;5POINTER405.4This field identifies the room-BED per the patient movement event.
.06message type0;6FREE TEXTThis indicates the HL7 MESSAGE TYPE. The value here can be 'ADT' to indicate an admission/discharge/transfer type message.
.07event type0;7FREE TEXTThis indicates the HL7 message EVENT TYPE. The value here can be 'A01' to indicate an Admit/visit notification EVENT TYPE.
.08pims event id0;8FREE TEXTThis is a copy of the internal entry number (ien) of the PATIENT MOVEMENT file (#405) entry which correlates to this CP_MOVEMENT_AUDIT file entry. If a movement is deleted, the corresponding entry from the patient movement file is deleted as well. This prevents this field from being an actual pointer. This IEN is used only for troubleshooting purposes.
.09accepted by queue0;9BOOLEAN0:NO
This indicates whether the HL7 message has been queued.
.1queue error msg.1;1FREE TEXTThis field stores the error message, if an error message is returned by the message queueing process.
.21a08 target1.1;1POINTER704.006This field contains a reference to the CP_PROTOCOL_LOCATION to use if the EVENT_TYPE (#.07) for this movement is "A08". The information will later be used by the dynamic addressing function of HL7 to ensure that the outbound ADT message is sent to the correct location.

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