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NOTICE: This file is maintained exclusively by the CP Terminology group and must not be modified or edited in any way. Subsequent releases of CP Terminology may create lasting errors in the CliO data store if this file is changed. This file stores all terminology elements for the Clinical Flowsheets application. The entries in this file are called "terms". These terms along with CP files #704.102 - #704.109 constitute the Clinical Data Model.
.01id(+)0;1FREE TEXTThis field is the unique identifier for this entry or term. This data is maintained nationally and will be the identifier for this term enterprise-wide. A sample ID could be "{D9FF5CA8-09AF-4318-B784-DEB3A8F819D8}".
.02term(+)0;2FREE TEXTCThis field is the name of this TERM entry, in accordance with enterprise-wide terminology standards. A sample TERM could be "PICC LINE".
.03abbreviation(+)0;3FREE TEXTThis is the enterprise wide ABBREVIATION for this term. This value will be used throughout the Clinical Flowsheets system in dropdowns and list boxes where screen real estate is tight. A sample ABBREVIATION could be "PICC LINE".
.04display name(+)0;4FREE TEXTThis field is a case sensitive, user friendly, DISPLAY NAME for this term. This is the full name for this term for display in the Clinical Flowsheets application. A sample DISPLAY NAME could be "PICC Line".
.05term type(+)0;5POINTER704.102ATYPEThis field correlates this term with an entry in the TERM TYPE File (#704.102). This field should define the "purpose" of this term in the Clinical Data Model.
.06data type(+)0;6SET OF CODES0:Qualifier
This field is to specify the type of data this term represents.
.07value type0;7SET OF CODES0:Unspecified
ACTIVEThis field is to specify the VALUE TYPE this term represents. This data will be used for more reliable conversion utilities.
This field is to indicate whether a term is ACTIVE or not. Only an ACTIVE term can be used in new clinical observations.
.1description.1;1FREE TEXTThis field is a full DESCRIPTION of this term. A sample DESCRIPTION could be: "Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Line".
.2help text.2;1FREE TEXTThis is the text that will display as help for the term, within the Clinical Flowsheets application. A sample HELP TEXT could be: "Peripherally Ins Cen Cath Line".
.31boolean value true.3;1FREE TEXTThis field is the text that will display for boolean DATA TYPE (field #.06) observations that are "true". A sample BOOLEAN VALUE TRUE could be "TRUE".
.32boolean value false.3;2FREE TEXTThis field is the text that will display for boolean DATA TYPE (field #.06) observations that are "false". A sample BOOLEAN VALUE FALSE could be "FALSE".
.33multi select picklist.3;3BOOLEAN0:No
This field determines if more than one value may be selected from a "picklist" for an observation.
.34schedule.3;4NUMERICThis field is the minutes of interval per SCHEDULE. A sample SCHEDULE could be "120".
.35schedule type.3;5SET OF CODES0:Continuous
This field is the type of schedule.
99.99vuidVUID;1FREE TEXTThis field is the VHA Unique IDentifier (VUID) for this term. A sample VUID could be "4688703".

Referenced by 15 types

  1. TERM_QUALIFIER_PAIR (704.103) -- term_id, qualifier_id
  2. TERM_UNIT_CONVERSION (704.104) -- unit_id_pre, unit_id_post
  3. TERM_UNIT_PAIR (704.105) -- term_id, unit_id
  4. TERM_CHILD_PAIR (704.106) -- term_id, child_id, child_unit_id
  5. TERM_RANGE_CHECK (704.107) -- term_id, unit_id
  6. TERM_MAPPING_PAIR (704.109) -- term
  7. OBS_VIEW_TERMINOLOGY (704.1111) -- term_id
  8. OBS_VIEW_FILTER (704.1112) -- filter_term
  9. OBS_FLOWSHEET_SUPP_PAGE (704.1122) -- default_method_id, default_position_id, default_location_id, default_product_id
  10. OBS_TOTAL (704.113) -- default_unit
  11. OBS_TOTAL_TERMINOLOGY (704.1131) -- term_id
  12. OBS_ALARM (704.115) -- term_id, unit_id
  13. OBS (704.117) -- term_id
  14. OBS_QUALIFIER (704.118) -- qualifier_id
  15. CP_KARDEX_ACTION (704.121) -- task_id