NOTICE: This file is maintained exclusively by the CP Terminology group and must not be modified or edited in any way. Subsequent releases of CP Terminology may create lasting errors in the CliO data store if this file is changed. This file holds the structure for complex observations by pairing the parent observation to the child observation with an ordinal position as well. Observations are entries in the TERM File (#704.101)
.01term id(+)0;1POINTER704.101This identifies the primary observation/term for complex term pairs. A sample TERM_ID could identify "blood pressure" as a primary term.
.02child order(+)0;2NUMERICThis represents the order of the child pair in association with a complex term.
.03child id(+)0;3POINTER704.101This identifies the child term for a complex term pair. A sample CHILD_ID could identify "systolic" as a child term of "blood pressure".
.04child unit id0;4POINTER704.101This is the unit(s) to present this child term. A sample CHILD_UNIT_ID could identify "MILLIMETERS OF MERCURY".
.05value type(+)0;5SET OF CODES0:Extract
This field will indicate whether the observation values are delimited or not.
.06value delimiter0;6NUMERICThis is the number between 32 and 126 (0 Decimal Digits) of the ascii value for the character to be used as the delimiter per delimited values. A sample VALUE_DELIMITER could be "47" to signify the use of the character "/" as delimiter.
.07value start position(+)0;7NUMERICThe "child values" may be presented in a string of data. This field is either the position or the delimited piece, of the data to begin extracting child values.
.08value stop position(+)0;8NUMERICThe "child values" may be presented in a string of data. This field is either the last position or the last delimited piece of the data. This is where extracting of child values is to stop.
.09description0;9FREE TEXTThis is a DESCRIPTION of this observation/child term pair. A sample DESCRIPTION could be "Systolic pressure".

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