NOTICE: This file is maintained exclusively by the CP Terminology group and must not be modified or edited in any way. Subsequent releases of CP Terminology may create lasting errors in the CliO data store if this file is changed. This file is the anchor for the mapping table structure for the CP Gateway. Each mapping table is called up by elements in the HL7 message. The entries are used to translate the HL7 data into appropriate CP terminology.
.01id(+)0;1FREE TEXTThis field is the Global Unique IDentifier (GUID) that identifies the mapping table. A sample ID could be "{4E41823C-CB5B-499F-BAAC-13626A6CD0D2}".
.02name(+)0;2FREE TEXTThis field is the NAME of the mapping table. A sample could be "DeviceX ServiceZ".
.03hl7 sending application0;3FREE TEXTThis field is the application sending the HL7 message. This will be used for matching purposes. A sample HL7 SENDING APPLICATION could be "ServiceZ".
This field indicates whether this mapping-table is ACTIVE or not.
.1comment.1;1FREE TEXTThis field is a comment about the mapping-table. A sample COMMENT could be "Default DeviceX ServiceZ mapping table".
.21source id.2;1FREE TEXTThis field identifies the source of the HL7 message. A sample SOURCE ID could be "DeviceX".
.22source application.2;2FREE TEXTThis field is the application regarded as the source of the HL7 message. A sample SOURCE APPLICATION could be "ServiceZ".
.23source version.2;3FREE TEXTThis field is the version of the source of the HL7 message. A sample SOURCE VERSION could be "VerN-ReleaseN.NN".
.24source trusted.2;4BOOLEAN0:No
This field indicates whether data processed via this source/mapping-table is "trusted" or not. Only verified data will be filed. Verification may be done with user intervention or it may be automatic. Trusted mapping-tables will have their data filed as "verified" without user intervention.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. TERM_MAPPING_PAIR (704.109) -- mapping_table_id