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This file maintains the views displayed within a flowsheet via the Clinical Flowsheets application. A view is a group of terms displayed together. A sample view could display "ICU VITALS,INPUTS,OUTPUTS, and ICU HEMODYNAMICS" information together in a section of a flowsheet displayed via the Clinical Flowsheets application.
.01view id(+)0;1FREE TEXTThis is the view's Global Unique IDentifier(GUID). This value is maintained nationally and represents this view throughout the enterprise. A sample VIEW ID could be "{11AA9949-B1FA-40A5-A208-5BB8255BE961}".
.02name(+)0;2FREE TEXTThis is the NAME of this view. A sample NAME could be "ICU HEMODYNAMICS".
.03time interval(+)0;3NUMERICA view is displayed to the user as part of a "page" on the screen. That page is divided into TIME INTERVALs. This field is the number of minutes within an interval when the page is initially displayed to the user. The maximum is 1440 (1 day). A sample TIME INTERVAL could be "60".
.04x axis(+)0;4SET OF CODES0:Terminology
This field indicates whether the initial layout of the view's horizontal axis shows terminology information or date/time information. The information not indicated to display horizontally will initially display vertically.
.05display name0;5FREE TEXTThis is the name of this view to display to the user when this view is being used. A sample DISPLAY NAME could be "ICU Hemodynamics".
.06allow pivot0;6BOOLEAN0:No
This field indicates whether the user is allowed to "pivot" how information is displayed. For example: If initially this view's terminology information displays horizontally and date/time information displays vertically, a '1' value ("YES") in this field gives the user the option to display this view's terminology information vertically and the date/time information horizontally.
.08national title0;8BOOLEAN0:NO
This field indicates whether this view is a NATIONAL TITLE, maintained nationally, and cannot be modified at/by a site.
This field indicates whether this view is ACTIVE or not. An ACTIVE view can be incorporated into a flowsheet.
.1comment.1;E1,250FREE TEXTThis field is free-text comment to further describe the use and purpose of this view. A sample COMMENT could be "National ICU Flowsheet View".

Referenced by 4 types

  1. OBS_VIEW_TERMINOLOGY (704.1111) -- view_id
  2. OBS_VIEW_FILTER (704.1112) -- view_id
  3. OBS_FLOWSHEET_PAGE (704.1121) -- view_id
  4. OBS_FLOWSHEET_SUPP_PAGE (704.1122) -- view_id