This file contains information on NOIS users. Specialists can edit NOIS calls, define lists, and use fields in this file as personal parameters and defaults.
.01name(+)0;1POINTER200BThis is the name of the NOIS specialist (referenced to NEW person file).
This field designates the user as not being a specialist. If a specialist is inactive this field should be set to YES.
1.7web link1.7;E1,245FREE TEXTEnter a web link (URL). This link will be available on calls where you are the specialist, ref specialist, or contact.
1.8web link (personal)1.8;E1,245FREE TEXTWeb link associated with user. This link will only be selectable by this user. Use this field for a web link that you use frequently.
2reason for inactivity1;1FREE TEXTThis is a short statment that states why the NOIS specialist was made inactive.
3works at (home site)0;3POINTER7105.1This field is used to relate the user to a location.
3.5office0;16POINTER7105.3This field is the office that this specialist is associated with.
4primary functional area0;4POINTER7106.4This is the primary type of activity the NOIS specialist is involved in.
5last logon0;5DATE-TIMEThis is the last date the the user entered the NOIS menu system.
6email address0;6FREE TEXTThis is the email address for the NOIS specialist. It is used when using automatic notification of NOIS calls by email.
7nois coordinator0;7BOOLEAN1:YES
Entry of YES in this field will allow this NOIS Specialist to modify some of the NOIS data file eg. NOIS Module/Version, NOIS Specialist etc. they will also be able to modify NOIS Specialists lists.
8reports upward to0;8POINTER7105.2This field is strictly for information purposes. This information is display when reviewing a NOIS specialist's defaults.
9default list0;9POINTER7107.1ALThis is a NOIS list that will be prompted when entering 'List Calls' option in NOIS. You do not have to own a list to have it as your default. Many specialists can have the same default list.
9.1list display0;11FREE TEXT FSC LIST DISPLAY This field is a set of codes that changes the default data on all of your nois lists. Valid choices are S M U P or any combination of these four characters. S - will show the status of the call on all lists. M - will show the NOIS module on all lists. U - will show the primary specialist currently assigned to the call. P - will show the current priority on all lists. R - will show the referal specialist
9.2default to close new calls0;13BOOLEAN1:YES
This default is used when logging a new call. YES will prompt to close the call. NO or no entry will prompt to not close the call.
9.3default view format0;17POINTER7107.7This field allows a NOIS Specialist to select a format default when viewing calls. The Detailed format is used if no entry is made.
9.4default edit format0;18POINTER7107.7This field allows a NOIS Specialist to select a format default when using the Edit Screen. The Brief format is used if no entry is made.
9.5default to exit0;19BOOLEAN1:YES
This field can be set to YES to change the default of leaving a NOIS screen as an EXIT instead of QUIT. If no entry is made, the default will be QUIT.
9.6default on alert0;20SET OF CODESVIEW:VIEW
This field will set your default action when receiving alerts.
9.7workload prompt0;21BOOLEAN1:YES
This field determines whether or not to prompt for workload information when entering a new call, making notes, or closing a call. If no entry is made in this field, the DEFAULT WORKLOAD PROMPT in the NOIS PARAMETER file will determine if a prompt appears. Workload can always be edited from the NOIS Edit Screen.
10preferred notification0;10SET OF CODES1:ALERT
This field is for information purposes only. If someone reviews your user defaults they can can tell how you prefer to be notified.
10.1notify method0;14SET OF CODESALERT:ALERT
This field specifies the method of notification where this NOIS Specialist is the primary specialist on the NOIS call.
10.2notify event0;15SET OF CODESEDITED:EDITED
This field specifies the event that initiates notification where this NOIS Specialist is the primary specialist on the NOIS call.
10.3notify by affiliation0;22SET OF CODES1:ALL
AFThis field can be used to automatically be notified on any NOIS calls having a package or package group that you are affiliated with. For notification to work, you must have an entry in the NOTIFY METHOD and NOTIFY EVENT fields. You must also have an entry in the GROUP AFFILIATIONS and/or PACKAGE AFFILIATIONS fields. GROUP AFFILIATIONS should include any work groups you are affiliated with. If the ALL AFFILIATIONS field is set to YES then notification will apply to all packages within that group (you don't need to make entries for these packages in the PACKAGE AFFILIAIONS fields). For notification on just specific packages, make entries in the PACKAGE AFFILIATIONS fields. A combination of group and package affiliations can be made. The entries for this field can be: (assuming the NOTIFY METHOD is ALERT and NOTIFY EVENT is EDITED) ALL - You will be alerted when anyone edits any of the packages you are affiliated with (except calls with a MISC priority). REFERRALS - You will be alerted when anyone edits a call with a current referred status for any of the packages you are affiliated with. - Any entries for group or package affiliation will not be used for alerts (your affiliation is only for documentation). Do not use this field if you are using an ACTIVE-UPDATE list for the same alerts.
11dtime value for nois0;12NUMERICThis field will hold a value that will be used for DTIME for all timed reads while the user is within the NOIS package. Their normal DTIME from file 200 will be restored when the user leaves the NOIS menu.
20group affiliations20;0MULTIPLE7105.22These are work groups that you are affiliated with.
30package affiliations30;0MULTIPLE7105.23These are packages that you're affiliated with.
40stu match package and site40;1BOOLEAN1:YES
This field when set to YES will only alert when packages are installed at the selected sites. Otherwise, any installs for the selected packages or at the selected sites will generate alerts for you.
41stu packages41;0MULTIPLE7105.241Packages the user will be alerted when they are installed.
42stu package groups42;0MULTIPLE7105.242Package groups the user will be alerted when those packages are installed.
43stu sites43;0MULTIPLE7105.243Sites the user will be alerted when installs are made.
44stu site types44;0MULTIPLE7105.244Sites types that the user will be alerted when those sites have installs.
50default fields50;0MULTIPLE7105.21These fields control defaults when entering NOIS calls.
100time zone100;1POINTER7106.5
101normal hours start time100;2FREE TEXT
102normal hours end time100;3FREE TEXT
103text color100;4FREE TEXT
104background color100;5FREE TEXT
105message100;6FREE TEXT
111monday all weeks begin time110;1FREE TEXT
112monday all weeks end time110;2FREE TEXT
113monday all weeks off110;3BOOLEAN1:YES
114monday even weeks begin time110;4FREE TEXT
115monday even weeks end time110;5FREE TEXT
116monday even weeks off110;6BOOLEAN1:YES
117monday odd weeks begin time110;7FREE TEXT
118monday odd weeks end time110;8FREE TEXT
119monday odd weeks off110;9BOOLEAN1:YES
121tuesday all weeks begin time120;1FREE TEXT
122tuesday all weeks end time120;2FREE TEXT
123tuesday all weeks off120;3BOOLEAN1:YES
124tuesday even weeks begin time120;4FREE TEXT
125tuesday even weeks end time120;5FREE TEXT
126tuesday even weeks off120;6BOOLEAN1:YES
127tuesday odd weeks begin time120;7FREE TEXT
128tuesday odd weeks end time120;8FREE TEXT
129tuesday odd weeks off120;9BOOLEAN1:YES
131wednesday all weeks begin time130;1FREE TEXT
132wednesday all weeks end time130;2FREE TEXT
133wednesday all weeks off130;3BOOLEAN1:YES
134wednesday even weeks begin tim130;4FREE TEXT
135wednesday even weeks end time130;5FREE TEXT
136wednesday even weeks off130;6BOOLEAN1:YES
137wednesday odd weeks begin time130;7FREE TEXT
138wednesday odd weeks end time130;8FREE TEXT
139wednesday odd weeks off130;9BOOLEAN1:YES
141thursday all weeks begin time140;1FREE TEXT
142thursday all weeks end time140;2FREE TEXT
143thursday all weeks off140;3BOOLEAN1:YES
144thursday even weeks begin time140;4FREE TEXT
145thursday even weeks end time140;5FREE TEXT
146thursday even weeks off140;6BOOLEAN1:YES
147thursday odd weeks begin time140;7FREE TEXT
148thursday odd weeks end time140;8FREE TEXT
149thursday odd weeks off140;9BOOLEAN1:YES
151friday all weeks begin time150;1FREE TEXT
152friday all weeks end time150;2FREE TEXT
153friday all weeks off150;3BOOLEAN1:YES
154friday even weeks begin time150;4FREE TEXT
155friday even weeks end time150;5FREE TEXT
156friday even weeks off150;6BOOLEAN1:YES
157friday odd weeks begin time150;7FREE TEXT
158friday odd weeks end time150;8FREE TEXT
159friday odd weeks off150;9BOOLEAN1:YES
200**ws name200;1FREE TEXT

Referenced by 3 types

  1. NOIS CALL (7100) -- primary specialist, referral specialist, closing person
  2. NOIS SCHEDULE (7103.1) -- user
  3. NOIS USER DEFAULTS (7105.2) -- reports upward to