This file contains data elements as specified by the Decision Support System (DSS) Program Office for the Dental extract from existing DHCP files. Entries into this file are made by extracting data from several files. Once approved by the DSS site manager, entries in this file are loaded into an electronic mail message and sent to the commercial vendor. This file is intended to be used for validation purposes only. Entries should be made only by the extract load routine. Since validation techniques will be determined by the local site, it is intended that the site add whatever cross references deemed necessary. However, this file contains one nationally determined cross reference, the "AC" cross reference on the EXTRACT NUMBER field (#2). This cross reference is used by the DSS Extracts software package as an essential feature for managing and purging data in this file and should not be modified. This file should NOT be modified directly using VA FileMan.
.01sequence number(+)0;1NUMERICThe record number for this extract entry.
1year month0;2FREE TEXTA six character string representing the year and the month for which this extract was performed.
2extract number0;3POINTER727ACThe corresponding entry in the DSS EXTRACT LOG file (#727) for this extract.
3facility0;4FREE TEXTIdentifies the facility for this extract record.
4patient no. - dfn0;5POINTER2An identifying number for the patient at the local site.
5ssn0;6FREE TEXTThe patient's social security number. Any patient with an SSN beginning with "00000" is considered a "test patient" and will not be included in the extract.
6name0;7FREE TEXTThe first four characters of the patient's last name.
7in out patient indicator0;8FREE TEXTIndicates whether the patient was an inpatient or an outpatient for this extract entry.
8day0;9FREE TEXTThis 8-character string represents the date on which the Dental procedure was performed.
9provider0;10FREE TEXTProvider of medical care for this patient for this extract.
10screening/complete exam0;11SET OF CODESS:SCREENING
Exam will be S for screening or C for complete.
11admin procedure0;12SET OF CODES1:ADMIN PROCEDURE
An entry should be made in this field when a case, a service or a procedure has been administratively completed or terminated without an actual patient visit (i.e., chart review, telephone call, death, etc.).
12x-rays extraoral #0;13NUMERICEnter the number of EXTRAORAL radiographs taken on this patient for panoramic, cephalometric or other extraoral procedures.
13x-rays intraoral #0;14NUMERICEnter the number of INTRAORAL radiographs taken for this patient for PA, bitewing, occlusal and other intraoral procedures.
14prophy natural dentition0;15BOOLEAN1:YES
In special circumstances, when a patient is of such a difficult nature that two or more appointments are needed to complete the prophylaxis, credit for each treatment episode may be recorded.
15prophy denture0;16BOOLEAN1:YES
If a patient had a prophylaxis of natural dentition and a removable prosthesis cleaned on the same visit, an entry can be made for both procedures.
16operating room0;17BOOLEAN1:YES
Patient was treated in the operating room. These cases must be credited to a dental staff provider or a dental consultant or attending.
17neoplasm confirmed malignant #0;18NUMERICThe number of confirmed malignant neoplasms initially recognized by a member of the Dental Service.
18neoplasm removed #0;19NUMERICThe number of neoplasms removed including excisional biopsies.
19biopsy/smear #0;20NUMERICThe number of incisional biopsies plus the number of cytological smears taken.
20fracture #0;21NUMERICThe number of maxillofacial fractures (surgical sites or procedures) reduced.
21patient category0;22POINTER220.2The appropriate patient category for this dental sitting.
22other signif. surg. (ctv)0;23NUMERICThe weighted value (CTV's) for the surgical procedure performed.
23surfaces restored #0;24NUMERICThe number of surfaces restored with permanent restorative material.
24root canal therapy #0;25NUMERICThe number of root canals permanently filled.
25peridontal quads (surgical) #0;26NUMERICThe number of quadrant equivalents of periodontal surgery.
26perio quads (root plane) #0;27NUMERICThe number of quadrant equivalents of subgingival curettage and/or root planing.
27patient ed (ctv)0;28SET OF CODES0:NONE
The weighted value of preventive dentistry instructions.
28spot check exam0;29SET OF CODES1:STAFF
Spot check examination was performed on this patient by staff or a fee dentist.
29individual crowns #0;30NUMERICThe number of permanent crowns cemented.
30post & cores #0;31NUMERICThe number of teeth on which a post/core or overdenture coping was cemented.
31fixed partials (abut) #0;32NUMERICThe number of abut units contained in the fixed prosthesis inserted.
32fixed partials (pont only) #0;33NUMERICThe number of PONTIC UNITS contained in the fixed prosthesis inserted.
33removable partials #0;34NUMERICThe number of R.P.D.s that were delivered to the patient.
34complete dentures #0;35NUMERICThe number of COMPLETE DENTURE units (each separate prosthesis is one unit) delivered to the patient.
35prosthetic repair #0;36NUMERICThe number of removable dentures and special appliances that were repaired for this patient.
36splint and spec. process (ctv)0;37NUMERICContains the weighted values (CTV) assigned to special appliance delivered to or disposed of for the patient.
37extractions #0;38NUMERICThe number of non-impacted (erupted) teeth extracted. These are simple extractions where no surgical techniques are involved.
38surgical extractions #0;39NUMERICThis includes any type of impaction or an erupted tooth where an intentional flap is required. Also includes all post-operative care and instructions.
39other sig treatment (ctv)0;40NUMERICContains weighted values for procedures (CTV).
40division (station division)0;41FREE TEXTContains the appropriate station number for this entry.
41completions/terminations0;42SET OF CODES2:COMPLETION
Contains a code indicating completion or termination of a case.
42interdisciplinary consult0;43SET OF CODES1:INTERDISCIPLINARY CONSULT
Contains all consults instituted via forms 513 and 10-10m.
43evaluations0;44SET OF CODES1:Evaluation
Describes the professional evaluations not to exceed one per visit.
44pre authorization/2nd opinion0;45SET OF CODES2:PRE-AUTH/2ND OPINION
A pre-authorization exam is performed on a fee basis patient in order to determine treatment needs prior to authorization of the patient to a fee-for-service provider. A second opinion exam is performed when the original estimate on a fee basis dental case exceeds $500.00.
45spot check discrepancy0;46NUMERICIndicates the category of discrepancy. 1 is a minor discrepancy only. 2 is a major discrepancy, quality only. 3 is a major discrepancy, misrepresentation only.
46movement file #0;47POINTER405Current patient movement record associated with this extract record.
47treating specialty0;48POINTER42.4The name of the treating specialty associated with this extract record.
48primary care team0;49FREE TEXTThe primary care team assigned to this patient.
49primary care provider0;50FREE TEXTThe primary care provider assigned to this patient.
50time0;51FREE TEXTA 6-character numeric string which represents the Dental procedure time.
51master patient index1;1FREE TEXTA national VA system identifier which uniquely identifies a patient.
52dss department1;2FREE TEXTThe DSS Department Code for the Dental product. This field is currently not populated.
53provider npi1;3FREE TEXTThe Provider's National Provider Identifier code.
54pc provider npi1;4FREE TEXTThe Primary Care Provider's National Provider Identifier code.
55pc provider person class1;5FREE TEXTThe VA Code of the Person Class of the Primary Care Provider associated with this record.
56associate pc provider1;6FREE TEXTThis is a reference to the NEW PERSON file (#200) for the provider who is the patients Associate Provider for Primary Care as assigned with the PCMM application. The IEN to file #200 is prefixed with the character 2.
57assoc. pc prov. person class1;7FREE TEXTThe field will hold the VA Code associated with the active Person Class of the Associate Primary Care Provider as assigned by through the PCMM appilcation. The VA Code is always of the form "V"_six numeric digits; exactly 7 characters in length.
58associate pc provider npi1;8FREE TEXTThe Associate Primary Care PRovider's National Provider Identifier.
59dom,prrtp and saartp indicator1;9FREE TEXT DOM, PRRTP and SAARTP Indicator indicates if the patient is admitted to either a DOM, PRRTP or SAARTP at the time hospital service is provided. Domiciliary (DOM) Psychiatric Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (PRRTP) Substance Abuse Residential Rehabiltation Treatment Program (SARRTP)
60observation patient indicator1;10FREE TEXTThis field is derived from the inpatient/outpatient status, treating specialty, and DSS Identifier or feeder key values in the record.
61encounter number1;11FREE TEXTThis field is derived from the inpatient/outpatient status, SSN, admit/visit date, treating specialty, observation patient indicator, and DSS Identifier or feeder key values in the record.
62production division code1;12FREE TEXTData represents the medical center division the work was performed in. This field corresponds to an entry in the INSTITUTION file (#4).

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