.01sequence number(+)0;1NUMERICThe record number for this extract entry.
1year month(+)0;2FREE TEXTA six character string representing the year and the month for which this extract was performed.
2extract number(+)0;3POINTER727The corresponding entry in the DSS EXTRACT LOG file (#727) for this extract.
3facility(+)0;4FREE TEXTIdentifies the facility for this extract record.
4patient no. - dfn(+)0;5POINTER2Internal entry number of the PATIENT file (#2) record identifying the patient associated with the clinic visit information.
5ssn(+)0;6FREE TEXTThe patient's social security number. Any patient with an SSN beginning with "00000" is considered a "test patient" and will not be included in the extract.
6name(+)0;7FREE TEXTThe first four characters of the patient's last name.
7in out patient indicator(+)0;8FREE TEXTIndicates whether the patient was an inpatient or an outpatient on the date in the DAY field (#8) for this extract record.
8day(+)0;9FREE TEXTDate in format YYYYMMDD; date with which the clinic visit extract data is associated.
9primary stop code(+)0;10FREE TEXTPrimary Stop Code is a fixed length field of 3 numeric characters. The ACTION TO SEND field (#5) of the CLINIC AND STOP CODES file (#728.44) for the clinic determines the how the data is derived.
10master patient index0;11FREE TEXTA national VA system identifier which uniquely identifies a patient.
11sex(+)0;12SET OF CODESM:MALE
Data is M if this patient is a male, or F if female.
12date of birth(+)0;13FREE TEXTThe patient's date of birth between December 31,1870 and today's date represented by an 8-character numeric string.
13eligibility(+)0;14FREE TEXTAppropriate eligibility code based on veteran or non-veteran status.
Data is Y if this patient is a veteran, N if not.
15race(+)0;16FREE TEXTRace ABBREVIATION for this patient.
16pow status0;17SET OF CODESY:YES
The patient's POW status. May be set to Y(es), N(o), or U(nknown).
17pow location0;18POINTER22If POW Status is indicated, then this is the POW confinement location/period. 1 WORLD WAR I 2 WORLD WAR II - EUROPE 3 WORLD WAR II - PACIFIC 4 KOREAN 5 VIETNAM 6 OTHER
18radiation status0;19SET OF CODESY:YES
The patient's Ionizing Radiation status. (Y/N/U)
19agent orange status0;20SET OF CODESY:YES
The patient's Agent Orange status.
20mst status0;21SET OF CODESY:Yes, screened reports MST
N:Screened, does not report MST
D:Screened, declines to answer
The MST Status of the patient on the date of the outpatient encounter. Possible status values are: Y = Yes, screened reports MST N = Screened, does not report MST D = Screened, declines to answer
21state(+)0;22FREE TEXTThe state in which the patient resides.
22county(+)0;23FREE TEXTThe county in which the patient resides.
23zip+4(+)0;24FREE TEXTThe patient's zipcode with optional 4-digit extension.
24enrollment location0;25FREE TEXTThe facility that the patient chooses to designate as his preferred location for care.
25placeholder10;26FREE TEXTThe primary care team assigned to this patient. Placeholder for future use.
26provider0;27FREE TEXTThe provider primarily responsible for services to the patient during the clinic visit.
27provider person class0;28FREE TEXTThe VA Code of the Person Class of the primary Provider of services during the clinic visit.
28provider npi0;29FREE TEXTThe Provider's National Provider Identifier code.
29sharing agreement payor0;30FREE TEXTAn indicator used for patients participating in sharing agreements.
30sharing agreement insurance0;31FREE TEXTUsed to indicate insurer, if patient participates in a sharing agreement.
31radiation encounter indicator0;32BOOLEANY:YES
Indicates whether treatment provided during this encounter was related to the patient's ionizing radiation exposure.
32ao encounter indicator0;33BOOLEANY:YES
Indicates whether treatment provided during this encounter was related to the patient's Agent Orange exposure.
33mst encounter indicator0;34BOOLEANY:YES
Indicates whether treatment provided during this encounter was related to the patient's military sexual trauma.
34dss dept.0;35FREE TEXTThe DSS Department Code for the clinic product.
35icd-9 codes(+)1;1FREE TEXTThe primary ICD-9 code followed by upto eight secondary IDC-9 codes concatenated together in a string. Only the primary IDC-9 code is required. Each ICD-9 code is composed of exactly 7 characters, padded on the right with space characters as needed.

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