This file is used to hold information to create data for the physical movements (transfers and discharges) for inpatients on the date that a site chooses to begin using DSS. Data is entered into this file by a background job which identifies all patients who were in the facility on the selected date. Then these entries are moved, by another background job, to the PHYSICAL MOVEMENT EXTRACT file (#727.808) to be transferred to the DSS package. Once the transfer to the PHYSICAL MOVEMENT EXTRACT file (#727.808) is complete, data is purged from this file, and it becomes inactive. Data elements in this file should never be entered, edited, or deleted through the VA FileMan.
.01sequence number(+)0;1NUMERICThe record number for this extract entry.
1year month0;2FREE TEXTAMA six character numeric string representing the year and the month for which this extract was performed.
2extract number0;3POINTER727ACThe corresponding entry in the DSS EXTRACT LOG file (#727) for this extract.
3facility0;4FREE TEXTIdentifies the facility for this extract record.
4patient no. - dfn0;5POINTER2The name of the patient for this extract record.
5ssn0;6FREE TEXTThe patient's social security number.
6name0;7FREE TEXTThe first four characters of the patient's last name.
7in out patient indicator0;8POINTER40.9Indicates whether the patient was an inpatient or an outpatient for this extract entry.
8day0;9FREE TEXTThis 8-character numeric string represents the date of the physical movement.
9product0;10FREE TEXTThe product or feeder key for this extract as defined by the DSS Program Office.
10admission date0;11FREE TEXTThis 8-character string represents the date on which the admission associated with this physical movement occurred.
11discharge date0;12FREE TEXTThis 8-charcter numeric string represents the date on which an\ associated patient Discharge occurred.
12movement file #0;13POINTER405Current patient movement record associated with this extract record.
13type0;14FREE TEXTThe type of movement for this patient, either transfer (2) or discharge (3).
14losing ward0;15POINTER44The ward from which this patient was transferred.
15treating specialty0;16POINTER42.4The name of the treating specialty associated with this extract record.
16duration0;17NUMERICDuration of stay within this movement.
17attending physician0;18FREE TEXTThe attending physician assigned to this patient with this movement.
18movement type0;19POINTER405.2THE MAS movement type for this movement.
19mov time0;20FREE TEXTThis 6-character numeric string represents the time of day at which the physical movement occurred.
20gaining ward0;21POINTER44The ward to which this patient was moved. This is null for discharge type movements.
21admission time0;22FREE TEXTA 6-character numeric string which represents the time of day at which the admission associated with the physical movement occurred.

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