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This file contains the patients who were found to fall out for given monitors. Fall outs are created by the auto enroll batch run or by manual entry. Any fall out record may be manually edited and its data or data elements changed.
.01patient0;1POINTER2BThis field is a pointer to the patient file. This field holds an actual patient from the patient file.
.02monitor0;2POINTER743CThis field contains the name of the monitor that the patient fell out under.
.03event date0;3DATE-TIMEThis field contains the event date for this patient and this monitor.
.04date record created0;4DATE-TIMEADRCFor auto enrolled fall outs this is the date auto enroll ran for. For manually entered fall outs this is the date the fall out was entered.
1data1;0MULTIPLE743.11This is a pointer to the DATA ELEMENT file. Enter a valid data element.
100auditAUDIT;1POINTER740.5This is a pointer to the audit file entry for this fall out record. The audit file contains data on what was done to this record and when it was done.

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