This file contains the data elements from DHCP a user may select to be captured when a patient falls out for a given monitor. New data elements may be added by a programmer.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the name of the data element that the user will see.
.03parent file(+)0;3POINTER1This field is a pointer to the file that the data element belongs to.
2dictionary numberDD;0MULTIPLE743.42Enter the (sub) dictionary number where this field resides.
20dir(0)DIR0;E1,245FREE TEXTThis field is used in the manual entry of a fall out. Enter the DIR(0) code(s) used to validate the data for this data element.
21dir(?)DIRQ;E1,245FREE TEXTEnter help text or an up-arrow followed by MUMPS code.
22dir(?,#)DIR1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field is used as the data for the DIR("?",#) strings. The first line of text goes into DIR("?",1), the second into DIR("?",2), and so on.
23dir output transformDIROUT;E1,245FREE TEXTEnter standard MUMPS code that takes the output of DIR and returns the variable Y in the external format.
24dir(??)DIRQQ;E1,245FREE TEXTEnter the help frame ^ MUMPS code to be used by DIR.
25dir(a)DIR;1FREE TEXTThis field contains the prompt the user will see for this data element when a fall out is being edited. If nothing is entered in this field the text of the NAME field is used.
26dir(b)DIR;2FREE TEXTThis field contains the default value for this data element. It will be used if: 1) No data was previously entered for this data element for a fall out, and 2) No default value can be calculated for this data element.
27dir(t)DIR;3NUMERICThis field is the time out value (in seconds) that will be used when a fall out is being edited. If nothing is entered in this field the value of DTIME will be used.
28dir(a,#)DIR2;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a larger message shown to the user before the prompt for this data element is presented.
40code to create data pointersPOINT;E1,245FREE TEXTThe MUMPS code in this field should take the variables QAMDFN (= pointer to the patient file) and QAMEVENT (= an event date/time) and return the QAMDTPT(1,2,3,...,n) array. The QAMDTPT array will be used to capture a default value for this data element when the user is manually entering a fall out.

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