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This file is designed to contain the definition of each standard field used by the system. The definition in this file can be compiled into routines which can perform the basic checks of data received from or sent to another system.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name of the HL7 field.
2segment(+)0;2POINTER771.3CThe three character HL7 segment name (e.g., MSH).
4dhcp file0;4POINTER1
5sequence(+)0;5NUMERICThe HL7 sequence number associated witht the HL7 field (e.g., 7).
6maximum length(+)0;6NUMERICThe maximum length of the HL7 field (e.g., 8).
7data type(+)0;7POINTER771.4The HL7 data type associated with the HL7 field (e.g., DATE).
8required?(+)0;8SET OF CODES1:REQUIRED
This field specifies whether the HL7 field is required.
9repetition0;9NUMERICThe number of times the HL7 field can repeat within an HL7 segment. If the field cannot repeat, leave this field blank.
10table number0;10FREE TEXTOnly fields that have an HL7 data type of ID (Coded Value) have a table number. The ID data type is equivalent to a Set of Codes or Pointer data type in VA FileMan. For locally defined fields, the table number should begin with the 2-4 character DHCP package namespace.
11item number0;11FREE TEXTThe HL7 item number associated with the HL7 field (e.g., 00043).
12parent0;12POINTER771.1MUMPS code that is used to validate values in this field. This code is applicable across all DHCP applications.
13applicationAPPL;0MULTIPLE771.113This multiple valued field contains information realted to use of this HL7 filed by a specific application.
101sample dhcp value101;E1,245FREE TEXT
102sample hl7 value102;E1,245FREE TEXT

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