This records information for initial EEO Complaints and subsequent updates of information.
.01complainant(+)0;1FREE TEXTBEnter the name of the person making the complaint, (Complainant). Enter the name in 'Last,First Middle' format [3-30 Characters. Do not use numerics or lowercase alphabetic characters. With the exception of the comma, period, space, hyphen, dash and apostrophe punctuation characters should be avoided.
.05street address5;1FREE TEXTEnter the street address of the complainant's residence.
.08city5;3FREE TEXTThe city in which the complainant resides.
.09state5;4POINTER5The state in which the complainant resides, points to the State file (#5).
.091zip code5;5FREE TEXTThe Zip Code portion of the Complainants address, must be either 5 numbers or 5 numbers followed by a "-" and 4 more numbers.
1.1caseCOMPUTEDExtracts case from full Case Number format.
1.2oeo number0;2FREE TEXTEThe format for OEO# consists of two numbers followed by a dash and up to four more numbers, for example... 93-1109.
1.3case no.5;6FREE TEXTDThe number assigned to the EEO Complaint case by this software at initial, and subsequent entry/edit sessions.
2station0;3POINTER4CThe Complainants station name, (The station to which s/he is assigned).
5service0;4POINTER730The service department to which the complainant belongs. This points to file #730, the National Service file.
6position/grade0;5FREE TEXTThe pay grade of the complainants position, (pay plan-series-grade).
6.5job title5;19FREE TEXTThe job title of the complainant.
8rep's name0;7FREE TEXTThe name of the person representing the complainant.
9rep's phone no.0;8FREE TEXTEnter the phone number of the complainant's representative.
10rep's street addr.0;9FREE TEXTEnter the street address of the complainant's representative.
11rep's city addr.0;10FREE TEXTThe city in which the complainant's representative resides.
12rep's state addr.0;11POINTER5The state in which the complainant's representative resides.
13rep's zip code0;12FREE TEXTEnter the zip code of the complainant's representative in either 5 or 9 digit format (5 numbers or 5 numbers followed by a "-" and four more numbers).
14counselor's name1;1POINTER200The name of the counselor assigned to the complainant.
14.1total counselor daysCOMPUTEDFrom the date an EEO counselor is contacted until the Notice of Final Interview is issued to the Complainant (30 calander days allowed unless an extension is granted).
14.5date of incident1;11DATE-TIMEThe date upon which the alleged EEO incident actually occurs.
14.7date initial contact/interview1;12DATE-TIMEThe date the complainant initially contacted the EEO office, cannot be after the date of the Final Interview.
15date notice of final interview1;2DATE-TIMEDate notice of final interview is issued to the complainant, cannot be prior to the date of initial contact.
15.3date request for add'l info5;13DATE-TIMEThe date the Complainant is given a request for additional information that is necessary to continue processing the complaint.
15.4date additional info. received6;4DATE-TIMEThe date that requested additional information is received from the complainant.
15.5date of informal resolution6;3DATE-TIMEDate that the complaint is resolved, if the complaint is resolved at the informal stage (informal stage is before 'Date Formal Complaint Filed').
15.7date extension requested6;5DATE-TIMEDate that the Complainant and Agency requested an extension (must be within 30 days of Date of Initial Contact)
15.9length of extension granted6;6NUMERICThe length of the period for which an extension is granted during the counseling phase of a complaint.
16date formal complaint filed1;3DATE-TIMEThe date the complainant filed a formal complaint. If mailed use the postmark date, if hand delivered use the date delivered.
16.05date union grievance filed6;1DATE-TIMEIf a union grievance was also filed enter that date.
16.07date mspb appeal filed6;2DATE-TIMEIf a complaint was also filed with MSPB, enter that date here.
16.3office complaint filed with5;14SET OF CODESOEO:Office of Equal Opportunity
CO:Central Office
SEC:Secretary of Veteran Affairs
An EEO complaint may be filed with a variety of offices, select the appropriate one for this complaint.
16.5date couns. informed of f.c.5;7DATE-TIMEThe date the counselor is informed of the formal complaint, cannot be after the date the counselor files his report.
16.7date counselor filed report5;8DATE-TIMEThe date the counselor files his report to the EEO Officer, cannot be prior to the date the counselor was informed of the formal complaint.
16.75date comp rec'd by eeo off.5;9DATE-TIMEThe date that the EEO Officer actually receives the formal complaint from whatever source.
17.5issue codes10;0MULTIPLE785.02Enter here as many issue codes as are necessary for this complaint, this field points to EEO Complaint Issue Codes file (786).
18.5basis9;0MULTIPLE785.01Enter all 'BASIS' that are involved in this complaint, this field points to the EEO Complaint Basis file (#785.1).
19issue code comments1;6FREE TEXTEnter a brief description of any topic related to this complaint. This must not exceed 120 characters.
20date of letter of acknow.2;1DATE-TIMEDate of letter from the station to the complainant acknowledging receipt of the complaint. Use the date this letter is signed (Date shown on letter).
21date to ogc for acc/rej2;2DATE-TIMEThe date that the formal complaint is sent by the station to the Office of General Counsel for acceptance or rejection.
22date accepted by ogc2;3DATE-TIMEDate that the Office of General Counsel accepts the report, the date at the top of the OGC letter.
22.3date dismissed by ogc12;1DATE-TIMEDate that the Office of General Counsel dismisses the complaint. The date at the top of the OGC letter.
23total days ogc acc/rejCOMPUTEDFrom the date the OGC receives a request to dismiss a complaint to the date the complaint is dismissed or accepted in whole or in part (45 days).
23.5date to ogc for final decision2;13DATE-TIMEDate the complaint was sent to the Office of General Counsel for their final decision.
23.6total days/ogc final decisionCOMPUTEDNumber of days between complaint being sent to OGC and their issuance of the final decision.
24date complaint accepted by stn2;4DATE-TIMEDate that the complaint was accepted by the station.
25total days acceptanceCOMPUTEDFrom the date the complaint is filed with or received by the EEO Officer, to the date the complaint is accepted by the EEO Officer and referred to the Office of Equal Opportunity for investigation or referred to the OGC for possible dismissal.
26date investigator requested2;5DATE-TIMEThe date upon which an investigator is requested for the EEO incident.
27.5investigator's name11;0MULTIPLE785.03This field holds the name of the investigator assigned to this complaint, the investigator must exist in the EEO INVESTIGATOR File.
29initial inv date assigned3;3DATE-TIMEThe date of the official assignment of the first investigator to the alledged EEO incident. Date on the OEO assignment letter.
32inv report received date3;6DATE-TIMEThe date the final investigative report is received by the EEO Officer (if by mail use the postmark date).
33total investigation daysCOMPUTEDFrom the date that the investigator is assigned to the date that the report of investigation is delivered to the EEO Officer (45 days).
40.5date comp received adv/rights5;11DATE-TIMEWhen the complainant actually receives his advisement of rights. If sent by mail the date on the return receipt.
40.6date comp makes election5;10DATE-TIMEThe date the complainant makes his choice on which course of action he will take after being advised of his rights and responsibilities. This date will be the date of the postmark if received by mail, otherwise the date it was delivered.
41date comp sent adv/rights2;6DATE-TIMEDate the complainant is sent the advisement of rights, this date should be prior to both the date the complainant receives his advisement of rights, and the date he makes his election. Enter the date the EEO Officer signs this letter.
42total days assign inv.COMPUTEDFrom the date the OEO receives a request for the assignment of an investigator to the date that an investigator is assigned (30 days).
44date eeoc hearing requested2;9DATE-TIMEThe date that has been requested for the EEO hearing to take place.
45date eeoc hearing conducted2;10DATE-TIMEThe date that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hearing actually took place.
46total days for eeoc hearingCOMPUTEDElapsed time between when the EEOC hearing was requested and the hearing took place.
46.2eeoc appeal5;16DATE-TIMEEnter the date of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission appeal. This will be the date on the letter from OGC stating that this complaint is being appealed.
46.4eeoc appeal #25;18DATE-TIMEIf the decision of the first EEOC appeal is appealed, enter the date of this second appeal here. Use the date that appears on the letter received from OGC stating that the complaint is being appealed.
46.5date final agency dec. issued5;12DATE-TIMEThe date that the Final Agency Decision was issued.
47date civil action filed2;11DATE-TIMEThe date that the complainant files civil action.
48date closed4;1DATE-TIMEThe date that the complaint has been closed using any of the 7 valid reasons found in field (#49).
48.5deleted12;2SET OF CODESD:DELETED
This is a field that flags, but does not delete EEO Complaints that are no longer needed by the users. The user can no longer access files flagged as deleted.
49reason closed4;2SET OF CODES1:SETTLEMENT
The reason that the case was closed, any one of the seven reasons listed when the user enters a "?" may be selected.
50total processing daysCOMPUTEDThe total number of days it takes to process the EEO complaint, this is the difference between the date the complaint is closed and the date that the complaint became formal.
51total counselor report daysCOMPUTEDThe difference between when the counselor filed his report and the date he was informed of the formal complaint.
53total days for advise/rightsCOMPUTEDThe difference between when the complainant was advised of his rights and the date the approved investigators report was received.
54total days to req eeoc hearingCOMPUTEDThe difference between when the EEOC hearing was requested and the date the complainant makes his election.
55total days to make electionCOMPUTEDThe time between the date the complainant makes his response to the advisement of rights and when the complaint file is transmitted to the EEOC for the hearing, or to OGC for a FAD.
56total days for fad decisionCOMPUTEDThis calculates the time between when the complaint was sent to the OGC for the final decision and when the Agency's final decision was issued.
57180 daysCOMPUTEDThis shows the number of days the complaint is being processed within the Director's scope of authority/responsibility. Not to exceed 180 days.
60narrative information7;0WORD-PROCESSINGYou may enter any information pertaining to this complaint, this field will be displayed on Form 0210 (Initial Complaint Intake Form)
61corrective action8;0MULTIPLE785.061The resolution the complainant is seeking, what actions the complainant feels would rectify the situation. This field points to the Corrective Actions file (#785.2).
62transmit flagXMT;1FREE TEXTAn "X" in this field marks records that have been changed and are to be later evaluated for transmission by the EEO Tasked Bulletin option.
63complaint statusCOMPUTEDAuotmatically generated by EEO Complaint Tracking to identify the current processing phase for the complaint.
64180 days off site processingCOMPUTEDThe total of all days that may be counted in the 180 days field, but were out of the control of the station EEO program. This includes the total days to assign and investigate the complaint and time spent at OGC waiting for an acceptance or rejection.
71eeoc appeal resolutions20;1FREE TEXTEnter any information pertaining to the EEOC Appeal filed involving this complaint
71.5eeoc appeal resolutions (#2)20;3FREE TEXTEnter any information pertaining to a second EEOC Appeal filed involving this complaint.
72civil action resolutions20;2FREE TEXTEnter any information pertaining to the Civil Action filed involving this complaint.
98counselor securitySEC;1FREE TEXTThis is the user number for the EEO counselor, specialist, data input personnel, etc., who is responsible for inputting pre-formal complaint data into this complaint.

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