This file records pre-formal complaint information for any complaint that has a Complaint Status (field #63 of file #785) of Informal.
.01complainant(+)0;1FREE TEXTBEnter the name of the person making the complaint, (Complainant).
.05street address5;1FREE TEXTEnter the street address of the complainant's residence.
.08city5;3FREE TEXTThe city in which the complainant resides.
.09state5;4POINTER5The state in which the complainant resides, points to the State file (#5).
.091zip code5;5FREE TEXTThe Zip Code portion of the Complainants address, must be either 5 numbers or 5 numbers followed by a "-" and 4 more numbers.
1.2oeo number0;2FREE TEXTEThe format for OEO# consists of two numbers followed by a dash and up to four more numbers, for example... 93-1109.
1.3case no.5;6FREE TEXTDThe number assigned to the EEO Complaint case by this software at initial, and subsequent entry/edit sessions.
2station0;3POINTER4CThe Complainants station name, (The station to which s/he is assigned).
5service0;4POINTER730The service department to which the complainant belongs. This points to file #730, the National Service file.
6position/grade0;5FREE TEXTThe pay grade of the complainants position, (pay plan-series-grade).
6.5job title5;19FREE TEXTThe job title of the complainant.
8rep's name0;7FREE TEXTThe name of the person representing the complainant.
9rep's phone no.0;8FREE TEXTEnter the phone number of the complainant's representative.
10rep's street addr.0;9FREE TEXTEnter the street address of the complainant's representative.
11rep's city addr.0;10FREE TEXTThe city in which the complainant's representative resides.
12rep's state addr.0;11POINTER5The state in which the complainant's representative resides.
13rep's zip code0;12FREE TEXTEnter the zip code of the complainant's representative in either 5 or 9 digit format (5 numbers or 5 numbers followed by a "-" and four more numbers).
14counselor's name1;1POINTER200The name of the counselor assigned to the complainant.
14.5date of incident1;11DATE-TIMEThe date upon which the alleged EEO incident actually occurs.
14.7date initial contact/interview1;12DATE-TIMEThe date the complainant initially contacted the EEO office, cannot be after the date of the Final Interview.
15date notice of final interview1;2DATE-TIMEDate notice of final interview is issued to the complainant, cannot be prior to the date of initial contact.
15.5date of informal resolution6;3DATE-TIMEDate that the complaint is resolved, if the complaint is resolved at the informal stage (informal stage is before 'Date Formal Complaint Filed').
15.7date extension requested6;5DATE-TIMEDate that the Complainant and Agency requested an extention (must be within 30 days of Date of Initial Contact)
15.9length of extension granted6;6NUMERICThe length of the period for which an extension is granted during the counseling phase of a complaint.
16date formal complaint filed1;3DATE-TIMEThe date that the complainant filed a formal complaint. If mailed use the postmark date, if hand delivered use the date delivered.
16.05date union grievance filed6;1DATE-TIMEIf a union grievance was also filed enter that date.
16.07date mspb appeal filed6;2DATE-TIMEIf a complaint was also filed with MSPB, enter that date here.
16.5date couns. informed of f.c.5;7DATE-TIMEThe date the counselor is informed of the formal complaint, cannot be after the date the counselor files his report.
16.7date counselor filed report5;8DATE-TIMEThe date the counselor files his report to the EEO Officer, cannot be prior to the date the counselor was informed of the formal complaint.
17.5issue codes10;0MULTIPLE785.52Enter here as many issue codes as are necessary for this complaint, this field points to EEO Complaint Issue Codes file (786).
18.5basis9;0MULTIPLE785.51Enter all 'BASIS' that are involved in this complaint, this field points to the EEO Complaint Basis file (#785.1).
19issue code comments1;6FREE TEXTEnter a brief description of any topic related to this complaint. This must not exceed 120 characters.
60narrative information7;0WORD-PROCESSINGYou may enter any information pertaining to this complaint, this field will be displayed on Form 0210 (Initial Complaint Intake Form)
61corrective action8;0MULTIPLE785.561The resolution the complainant is seeking, what actions the complainant feels would rectify the situation. This field points to the Corrective Actions file (#785.2).
98counselor securitySEC;1FREE TEXTThis is the user number for the EEO counselor, specialist, data input personnel, etc., who is responsible for inputting pre-formal complaint data into this complaint.

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