This file contains the types of complications that may occur while a procedure is being performed. If there is a complication during an exam, then the technologist can indicate which of these complications in this file the exam should be associated with by using either the 'Case No. Edit' or 'Edit Exam By Patient' functions of the module. When the system is initialized, two complications are loaded into the module. They are 'no complications' and 'contrast reaction'. If a 'contrast medium reaction' is associated with an exam, then the patient's record in the Allergy Tracking System will automatically be updated to indicate he/she has had a reaction. As a result, everytime the patient is registered for a procedure that may involve contrast material, the receptionist will be warned and he/she should then take appropriate action. Entries in this file should not be deleted. Adding new entries is always allowed. Data Storage ------------ The data for the 'COMPLICATIONS TYPE' file is stored in the ^RA(78.1, global. At the present time this file is very static after day-one initialization is complete. However, it still should be journaled. It should also be translated if the operating system supports this function. Input Templates --------------- The package does not use any input templates associated with this file. Print Templates --------------- The package does not use any print templates associated with this file. Sort Templates -------------- The package does not use any sort templates associated with this file.
.01complication(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the name of the type of complication that may be associated with an exam. Initially, the system contains two complication types: 'Contrast Reaction', and 'No Complication'. Other complication types may be entered by the rad/nuc med coordinator at each site and can be 3 to 30 characters in length.
2contrast medium reaction?(+)0;2BOOLEANY:YES
This field is used to indicate that a patient has had an allergic reaction to the contrast medium used during an exam. If this field contains a 'Yes', then it triggers a contrast medium as an allergen in the Allergy Tracking System. As a result, whenever the patient is registered for a procedure that involves contrast material, a warning message is displayed to the receptionist. Answering 'Yes' to this field also affects the Complications Report, since contrast medium reaction complications are tallied in an extra total line.

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