This file contains the allowable film sizes that the technologist can choose from when s/he enters film data for an exam. If possible, it is a good idea to assign film types names that have unique characters at the beginning. If the first few characters are not unique, then the technologist will always have to respond to another 'Select' prompt when entering only the first few characters. To avoid this second prompt, the technologist will have to enter many characters. Entries in this file should not be deleted. Adding new entries is always allowed. Data Storage ------------ The data for the FILM SIZES file is stored in the ^RA(78.4, global. At the present time this file is very static after day-one initialization is complete. However, it still should be journaled. It should also be translated if the operating system supports this function. Input Templates --------------- The package does not use any input templates associated with this file. Print Templates --------------- The package does not use any print templates associated with this file. Sort Templates -------------- The package does not use any sort templates associated with this file.
.01film(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the names of the types of films that the hospital uses in performing rad/nuc med exams. The names are specified by the rad/nuc med coordinator at each site and must be 3 to 30 characters in length. They should be set up with unique first few characters to allow the technologist to use the first few characters only to specify a film type. This speeds up processing time when this field is used for exam status tracking. For procedures which do not involve films, 'No Films' may be entered here. For entries that indicate a 'wasted' film type, it is recommended that the name should begin with 'W.' or 'W-' to be easily recognized during case editing. For example: '10x14' and 'W-10x14' would both be entered, and W-10x14 would be the 'wasted' film type. When editing the 'W-10x14 entry, you would answer 'Yes' at the 'Wasted Film?' prompt and enter '10x14' at the 'Analogous Unwasted Film Size' prompt. When editing the '10x14' entry, answer 'No' at the 'Wasted Film?' prompt and you will not be prompted for 'Analogous Unwasted Film Size'.
2is this a 'cine' film size?(+)0;2BOOLEANY:YES
If this field contains a 'Yes', it indicates that this is cine feet film type. The system uses this information in compiling the AMIS reports and the Film Usage Reports.
3fluoro only?0;3BOOLEANY:YES
If this field contains a 'Yes', exams for which this is entered as the film size are assumed to be 'Fluoro Only', not requiring the use of films.
4inactivation dateI;1DATE-TIMEEnter a date if this film size becomes inactive or is no longer needed.
5wasted film?0;4BOOLEAN1:YES
AWThis field indicates that this film will be considered a wasted film type and will be included on the 'Wasted Film report'.
6analogous unwasted film size0;5POINTER78.4AUWIdentifies a corresponding film size which is not wasted.

Referenced by 3 types

  1. FILM SIZES (78.4) -- analogous unwasted film size
  2. IMAGING SITE PARAMETERS (2006.1) -- rad film size
  3. DICOM GATEWAY PARAMETER (2006.563) -- importer rad film size