This file contains the names of patient's tracked by the Women's Health application. Patient names may be either manually entered by a case manager or loaded through the Automatically Load Patients [WV AUTOLOAD PATIENTS] option. Other data stored in this file can be categorized as demographic, administrative, and clinical information. The clinical data reflects current breast and cervical treatment needs, pregnancy information, breast and cervical treatment regimes, family history of breast cancer and DES, name of facility responsible for breast and treatment needs, and personal history of sexual trauma. Information specific to the results of breast and cervical exams and procedures are stored in the WV Procedure (#790.1) file. Administrative data is limited to the name of the current case manager, the date of first encounter, and the date the patient record was inactivated.
.01name(+)0;1POINTER2BThis field contains the patient's name. It is a pointer to the Patient (#2) file.
.02mailing address-streetCOMPUTEDThe street mailing address of this patient. This is computed from data in the Patient file.
.03mailing address-cityCOMPUTEDThe city mailing address for this patient. This information in this field is obtained from the Patient file.
.04mailing address-stateCOMPUTEDThe State portion of this patient's mailing address, obtained from the Patient file.
.05mailing address-zipCOMPUTEDThe zip code portion of this patient's mailing address is obtained from the Patient file.
.06ssn#COMPUTEDThis computed field gathers the patient's social security number from the Patient file.
.1case manager(+)0;10POINTER790.01CThis field contains the name of the person who is currently managing the women's health care needs of this patient.
.11cx tx need0;11POINTER790.5This field contains the name of the current or next cervical procedure or treatment need scheduled for this patient.
.12cx tx need due date0;12DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date when this cervical procedure or treatment need should be completed.
.13currently pregnant0;13BOOLEAN1:YES
This field contains information on the pregnancy status of the patient. The status is a set of codes: 1 = Yes if this patient is currently pregnant, 0 = No, if not. When the pregnanacy status is unknown, the field is blank.
.14edc0;14DATE-TIMEThis field stores the patient's delivery date or estimated date of confinement (EDC).
.15des daughter0;15SET OF CODES1:YES
This field indicates if this patient's mother took diethylstilbestrol (DES) when she was pregnant with this patient.
.16pap regimen0;16POINTER790.03This field stores the current PAP regimen for the patient.
.17pap regimen start date0;17DATE-TIMEThis field stores a date on which the patient began or will begin her current PAP regimen.
.18br tx need0;18POINTER790.51This field contains the name of the the current or next breast study procedure needed for this patient.
.19br tx need due date0;19DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date by which the breast treatment procedure should be completed.
.21date of first encounter0;21DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date of the patient's first clinic visit. Although a date is automatically stuffed when the Automatically Load Patients [WV AUTOLOAD PATIENTS] option is run, the information can be edited through the Edit/Print Patient Case Data option.
.22referral source0;22POINTER790.07This field stores information on who referred the patient or how the patient found out about the womens health care services at the facility. This field points to entries in the WV Referral Source (#790.07) file.
.23family hx of br ca0;23SET OF CODES0:no family history
1:2nd degree relative
2:1st degree relative
3:>1 1st degree relatives
4:personal history
This field identifies if the patient or the patient's relatives have had breast cancer. The information may be selected from a set of codes to indicate unknown, personal history, no family history, a 2nd degree relative (cousin, aunt, grandmother), a 1st degree relative (mother OR sister) or multiple 1st degree relatives (mother AND sister).
.24date inactive0;24DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date on which this patient's record became inactive. ANY date (past, present or future) will cause this patient's data to be excluded from all reports that assess treatment needs (i.e., Snapshot of the Program Today report and Browse Patients with Needs Past Due).
.25breast tx facility0;25POINTER4The name of the facility responsible for performing breast diagnostic procedures for this patient if treatment is performed at another facility. Facility choices are limited to entries in the Institution (#4) file.
.26cervical tx facility0;26POINTER4The name of the facility that is responsible for providing the gynecological tests/exams for this patient if treatment is performed at another facility. Facility choices are limited to entries in the Institution (#4) file.
.28cst0;28SET OF CODESY:Yes
D:Declined to Answer
This field indicates if the patient has experienced any sexual trauma (rape, sexual assault, etc.) as a civilian.
1.01notes1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field stores special notes regarding the patient and her health care needs.
2appointments2;0MULTIPLE790.09This multiple contains the patient's future appointments.
3complete address3;0MULTIPLE790.12This multiple field contains the patient's complete mailing address.

Referenced by 5 types

  1. WV PAP REGIMEN LOG (790.04) -- patient
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