The ROR PATIENT file contains patient information that is common for all local registries (mostly, demographic information). Most of the fields in the file have the same numbers and names as the corresponding fields in the PATIENT file. Demographic data from this file is compared to that from the PATIENT file (#2) to determine if it has been changed since the last registry data extraction. These fields are updated with the values from the PATIENT file and the UPDATE DEMOGRAPHICS flag is set to "YES" in all active registry records of the patient. Records in the file have the same internal entry numbers as the patients' records in the PATIENT file. The records are uniquely identified by the internal value of the PATIENT NAME field. A permanent screen (the ^DD(798.4,0,"SCR") node) restricts access to the records of this file. Only users with the security key(s) for any defined registry (or those with the ROR VA IRM security key) can access records of the file. If you want the changes in the security keys allocation to have an effect immediately, you should rebuild the "ACL" cross-reference of the .01 field of the SECURITY KEY multiple of the ROR REGISTRY PARAMETERS file (#798.1). See the description of the cross-reference for more details.
.01patient name(+)0;1POINTER2BYou can select an existing patient or add a new one from the PATIENT file (#2). You can access records of this file only if you have appropriate security key(s) for any registry.
Do not edit this field!
.03date of birth(+)1;2DATE-TIMEDo not edit this field!
.09social security number(+)1;1FREE TEXTSSNDo not edit this field!
.1112zip+41;8FREE TEXTDo not edit this field!
.301service connected?(+)1;6BOOLEANY:YES
Do not edit this field!
.302service connected percentage1;7NUMERICDo not edit this field!
.323period of service1;5POINTER21Do not edit this field!
.351date of death1;4DATE-TIMEDo not edit this field!
.3721rated disabilities data3;E1,245FREE TEXTDo not edit this field!
2race and ethnicity data2;E1,245FREE TEXTDo not edit this field!
10.1old ssn10;1FREE TEXTDo not edit this field!
10.2old icn10;2FREE TEXTDo not edit this field!
991integration control number1;9FREE TEXTDo not edit this field!

Referenced by 1 types

  1. ROR REGISTRY RECORD (798) -- patient name