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The ROR LOG file is used for recording different kinds of events (errors, debug messages, etc.) that are generated by registry processes. You may control event recording via parameters in the ROR REGISTRY PARAMETERS file. Look for additional information in the RORLOG and RORERR routines. A permanent screen (the ^DD(798.7,0,"SCR") node) restricts access to records of this file. Only users with the security key(s) for any defined registry (or those with the ROR VA IRM security key) can access records of the file. If you want the changes in the security keys allocation to have an effect immediately, you should rebuild the "ACL" cross-reference of the .01 field of the SECURITY KEY multiple of the ROR REGISTRY PARAMETERS file (#798.1). See the description of the cross-reference for more details.
.01start date/time(+)0;1DATE-TIMEBThis field contains the date/time when this log was created. You can access records of this file only if you have appropriate security key(s) for any registry.
1activity0;3SET OF CODES0:Other
1:Registry Update
2:Data Extraction
4:Hist. Extraction
6:Access Violation
8:Registry Setup
The value of this field indicates the activity performed by the process that created the log.
2job number0;4NUMERICCValue of the JOB NUMBER field is the job number ($JOB) of the process that has created this log.
3registry1;0MULTIPLE798.73This multiple contains a list of the registries that were processed. Events recorded in the log are associated with these registries. Records of this multiple are indexed by the "ARD" index (whole file). So, it is possible to get a list of log files associated with the particular registry.
4message2;0MULTIPLE798.74This multiple contains all messages recorded in the log.
5end date/time0;2DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date/time when the log was closed.
6.01processed patients0;5NUMERICThe value of this field indicates the number of processed patients.
6.02patients with errors0;6NUMERICThe value of this field indicates the number of patients processed with errors.
6.03rate0;7NUMERICThe value of this field indicates the rate of patient processing (patients per second).
7user0;8POINTER200The USER field points to the VistA user associated with the log (its internal value is the DUZ at the moment when the log was created).
8task number0;9NUMERICThis field stores the number of the task that created the log. If the log is created from a foreground job, this field will be empty.

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