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The ROR TASK file enhances the functionality of Taskman and supports the package APIs used by the GUI to schedule and control tasks, and view and print reports. Records in the file have the same internal entry numbers as the corresponding tasks in Taskman. The records are uniquely identified by the internal value of the TASK NUMBER field. Usually, you should not edit records of this file directly. The file is maintained by the APIs located in the RORTSK* routines. A permanent screen (the ^DD(798.8,0,"SCR") node) restricts access to the records of this file. Only users with the security key(s) for any defined registry (or those with the ROR VA IRM security key) can access records of the file. If you want the changes in the security keys allocation to have an effect immediately, you should rebuild the "ACL" cross-reference of the .01 field of the SECURITY KEY multiple of the ROR REGISTRY PARAMETERS file (#798.1). See the description of the cross-reference for more details.
.01task number(+)0;1NUMERICBThe TASK NUMBER field references the task created by Taskman.
.02type(+)0;2SET OF CODES1:Generic
The TYPE field indicates the type of task.
.03registry0;3POINTER798.1The REGISTRY field references the registry that the task is associated with. If this field has no value then the task either works on several registries or does not affect any of them directly.
.04report0;4POINTER799.34The REPORT field indicates the report generated by the task. This field has a value only if the type of task is 'Report' (see the TYPE field).
.05description0;5FREE TEXTThis field stores the description of task. For reports, it holds the report name.
.07creation time(+)0;7DATE-TIMEACDTThe CREATION TIME field stores the date and time when the task was created. This field is populated by the trigger associated with the TASK NUMBER field.
.08user(+)0;8POINTER200UThe USER field references the VistA user who created the task. This field is populated by the trigger associated with the TASK NUMBER field.
1.01user comment1;1FREE TEXTThis field stores the user comment entered while scheduling the task.
2.01status2;1SET OF CODES3:Inactive> Finished
5:Inactive> Interrupted
100:Inactive> Crashed
101:Inactive> Errors
102:Active> Suspended
103:Active> Stopping
The STATUS field stores the current status of the task. The values of this field are used along with those returned by the STAT^%ZTLOAD procedure.
2.02completion time2;2DATE-TIMEThe task populates the COMPLETION TIME field with the current date and time right before the task is completed.
2.03log2;3POINTER798.7The LOG field references the log created by the task.
2.04job number2;4NUMERICWhen the task is running, the JOB NUMBER field holds the job number that is assigned to the task by the M system.
3subtaskT;0MULTIPLE798.83The SUBTASK multiple contains a list of subtasks started by the main task.
4progressP;E1,255NUMERICThe PROGRESS field stores the percentage of completion of the task. If the task does not explicitly support this feature, the field is always empty.
5actionA;E1,255SET OF CODES1:Suspend
Values of the ACTION field control the task behavior. You can either suspend/resume or stop the task
7report elementRI;0MULTIPLE798.87The REPORT ELEMENT multiple stores the output of the 'Report' task (see the TYPE field). A report is stored as a tree of XML elements. Each element can contain some text, a single-line value or no value at all. Several attributes can be associated with the element. Valid element and attribute names are stored in the ROR XML ELEMENT and ROR XML ATTRIBUTE files. Storing the XML document in this sparse format allows to perform sorting on predefined fields (on the server) when the report is created. If you do not need this functionality, you can generate a report as a single element (in terms of this multiple) that contains the whole XML document.

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