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.01loinc code0;1NUMERICBEnter the numeric LOINC code (without the check digit) of the Lab result to be searched for.
.02nlt code0;2FREE TEXTANLTEnter the NLT code of the Lab result to be searched for. Both LOINC and NLT codes (if available) are used for searching the Lab results. If you want to use only the LOINC code, leave this field empty.
1indicator(+)0;3SET OF CODES0:Ignore
1:Use Reference Range
3:Greater Than
4:Less Than
5:Equal To
6:Positive Result
The value of this field indicates the comparison operation applied to the Lab result. The Lab result is compared to the value of the INDICATED VALUE field. NOTE: All string comparisons are case-insensitive. For example, if the internal value of this field is equal to 3 ("Greater Than") and the value of the INDICATED VALUE field is 5, then this indicator will be evaluated as True for all numeric Lab results values greater than 5. The "Contains" indicator checks if the indicated value is contained in the Lab result value. The only exceptions are the "Use Reference Range" indicator, which checks if the result value is outside of the reference range defined for the Lab test, and the "Positive Result". The "Positive Result" indicator selects a test result if the value * is equal to "P" or * contains "POS", "DETEC" or "REA" and does not contain "NEG", "NO" or "IND". For example, the "POSITIVE", "POS", "REACT", and "DETECTABLE" values will be picked up. At the same time, the "NON-REACT", "INDETERMINATE", and "NEG" values will be skipped.
2indicated value0;4FREE TEXTThis field holds the value that the Lab results are compared to (except the "Use Reference Range" and Positive Result indicators).

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