This file contains the parameters used by the Clinical Reminders package.
.01site parameters(+)0;1NUMERICBThis file contains parameters used by the Clinical Reminders package. There is one top-level entry per site.
1default reminder disclaimerDISC1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is the DEFAULT REMINDER DISCLAIMER that is distributed with the package.
2site reminder disclaimerDISC2;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is the site-defined reminder disclaimer. If there is an entry in this field, then the site-defined disclaimer will override the default disclaimer.
3reminder management mailgroupMGFE;1POINTER3.8Members of the MailMan mail group pointed to by this field will receive various types of MailMan messages concerned with managing reminders. Some examples: if there is an error during reminder evaluation, this mail group will be sent a message notifying them of the error. When the reminder indexes are built, the mail group will receive the messages this process generates. When a message is generated, if the user is not a member of the mail group and the mail group is private, then no members of the mail group will receive the message. Therefore, it is recommended that the mail group be public.
4web sites1;0MULTIPLE800.04In the CPRS GUI, if you right-click on a reminder, one of the choices is Reference Information, which will give a list of web sites that have information related to the reminder. The web sites listed in this multiple are the default set that apply to all reminders.
5versionVERSION;1FREE TEXTThis is the current version number of the Clinical Reminders package.
This field is the default for the Clinical Reminders display of Social Security numbers. It is a set of codes with the possible values of "N" or "Y". If the value is "Y" then the full SSN is printed; otherwise only the last four digits of the SSN are printed. The standard setting for this field is N.
7initial mst synch comp dateMST;1DATE-TIMEThis is the date and time the initial MST synchronization was completed.
8initial mst synch update countMST;2NUMERICThis is the number of updates that were made during the initial synchronization.
9daily mst sync comp dateMST;3DATE-TIMEThis is the date and time the last daily MST synchronization was completed.
10daily mst synch update countMST;4NUMERICThis is the number of updates made during the last daily MST synchronization.
11initial mst synch start dateMST;5DATE-TIMEThis is the date and time the initial Clinical Reminders MST synchronization was set to run.
12daily mst synch start dateMST;6DATE-TIMEThis is the date and time the last daily Clinical Reminders MST synchronization was set to start.
The detailed reminders due report has the option to print the full SSN for the patients selected (see FULL SSN field). However, if a patient is an employee (fields 361 and 391 in PATIENT file) the SSN will be truncated. If a site, for their own reasons, requires the full SSN for employees to be printed on their reports then this may be done by setting the TRUNCATE EMPLOYEE SSN field to 'No'. The default value installed for this field is 'Yes'. This ensures that full employee SSNs are not printed on the report.
14edit history countEDIT HISTORY COUNT;1NUMERICThe option PXRM REMINDER EDIT HISTORY is used to display the edit history of a reminder definition from newest to oldest. One of the questions it asks the user is how many entries to display. This parameter sets the default number to display. The user can override this and select any number they want.
15maximum number of index errorsMIERR;1NUMERICWhen indexing a global, details about entries that cannot be indexed are reported in a MailMan message that uses a line for each error. If there are large numbers of errors the message can become very large. This parameter establishes the maximum number of entries to list in the MailMan message so its size does not become unwieldy.
16formatted disclaimerDISCF;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis file contains two fields to store a disclaimer: DEFAULT REMINDER DISCLAIMER and SITE REMINDER DISCLAIMER. The DEFAULT REMINDER DISCLAIMER is distributed with the package. A site can create and store their own disclaimer in the SITE REMINDER DISCLAIMER field. If the SITE REMINDER DISCLAIMER is defined it is used otherwise the DEFAULT REMINDER DISCLAIMER is used. The disclaimer needs to be formatted before it can be displayed so for efficiency purposes the disclaimer is formatted once and stored in this field. The formatting takes place whenever the SITE REMINDER DISCLAIMER is edited or deleted.
17maximum number of mh questionsMH;1NUMERICWhen setting up a reminder dialog element, if a mental health test has more questions then the value defined in this field the test cannot be used in a dialog element. When PXRM*2.0*6 is installed the value will be set to 35. This parameter can be edited using the PAR option on the Reminders Managers Menu.

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