Patient lists in this file are created from the Reminder Due reporting option, Reminder Patient List option or from Reminder Extract runs. Reminder patient lists are retained for 5 years in this file before being purged. Individual patient lists can have the automatic purge turned off. Patient lists that are created from national extract runs are prefixed with "VA-". Sites should name locally created patient lists according to their local naming conventions.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTThis is the unique name identifying the patient list. Patient lists created as denominator lists in the rollup of national data to the Austin Automation Center begin with 'VA-'. The patient list name for this type of list begins with the name of the extract definition used to create the patient list. e.g. VA-IHD QUERI 2002 Q1 04/22/2002@10:00AM
.02report year0;2NUMERICThis is the extract year. Applies only if the patient list was created from an extract run.
.03report period0;3NUMERICThis is the extract period (Q1,M1 etc). Applies only if the patient list was created from an extract run.
.04original date created0;4DATE-TIMEThis is the date the patient list was originally created.
.05extract definition0;5POINTER810.2This is a pointer to the extract definition (#810.2) used to create the patient list.
.06list rule0;6POINTER810.4This is a pointer to the list rule (#810.4) used to create the patient list.
.07creator0;7POINTER200This field is a pointer to file 200. The DUZ of the user who created the patient list will be stored in this field.
This field is used to mark a list as being public or private.
.09created by reminder due report0;9BOOLEAN0:NO
This field will be true if the patient list was created by a Reminders Due Report.
.1include pcmm institution0;10BOOLEAN0:NO
This field is set automatically to YES if the rule set used to create the patient list contains a finding rule that is associated with either of the terms VA-IHD STATION CODE or VA-PCMM INSTITUTION. It is used to control the display of the PCMM Institution column in the ListManager patient list interface.
1include deceased patients0;11BOOLEAN0:NO
This field is used to record the user's answer to the prompt: Include deceased patients?
2include test patients0;12BOOLEAN0:NO
This field is used to store the user's response to the prompt: Include test patients?
30patients30;0MULTIPLE810.53This is a multiple that contains the list of patients for the patient list.
35data type list35;0MULTIPLE810.535This is the list of all possible data types for a patient list.
40users40;0MULTIPLE810.54This multiple will store a list of users and their access to private patient lists.
45reminder list45;0MULTIPLE810.545If the patient list was created by a Reminder Due Report this multiple contains the list of reminders that were evaluated for the report.
50automatically purge50;1BOOLEAN1:Y
This field is use to determine if the Patient List should be automatically purge after five years. This field will be checked by the Reminder Extract code that runs monthly when running the National Extract.
This is the class of the patient list. National patient lists cannot be edited.
200creation documentation200;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis word-processing field documents how the patient list was created and it is created automatically when the patient list is built. The information it contains shows the rule set details and how the rule set was processed to build the patient list. This includes the final Beginning Date/Time and Ending Date/Time for each finding used in the list rule for each sequence/step in the rule set.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. REMINDER LIST RULE (810.4) -- use existing pt list