This file stores parameters which modify the processing requirements of individual document types, and their decendents.
.01document definition(+)0;1POINTER8925.1BThis is the Document Definition to which the parameters apply. NOTE: All parameters are inherited from ancestor Classes or Document Classes, unless overridden at a subordinate level in the document definition hierarchy. (For example, if you Require Release for class Progress Notes, then all progress note titles require release, unless the parameter is set to NO for a subordinate Document Class or Title.)
.02require release0;2BOOLEAN1:YES
This parameter determines whether the person entering the document is required (and prompted) to release the document from a draft state upon exit from the entry/editing process. Though designed for Discharge Summaries, release may be used for any kind of TIU document.
.03require mas verification0;3SET OF CODES1:YES, ALWAYS
This parameter determines whether verification by MAS is required, prior to public access and signature of the document. Though designed for Discharge Summaries, verification may be used for any kind of TIU document, and is particularly helpful for documents that are uploaded from a transcription service. Allowable values are: 0 NO 1 YES, ALWAYS 2 UPLOAD ONLY 3 DIRECT ENTRY ONLY where 1 indicates that these documents require verification regardless of how they originate; 2 indicates that verification is required only when the documents are Uploaded; and 3 indicates that verification is required only when documents are entered directly into VISTA.
.04require author to sign0;4BOOLEAN1:YES
This field indicates whether or not the author should sign the document before the expected cosigner (attending). If parameter is set to NO, only the expected cosigner is alerted for signature. Although the unsigned document appears in the author's unsigned list, and he is ALLOWED to sign it, his signature is not REQUIRED. If set to YES, then the author is alerted for signature, and if the expected cosigner should attempt to sign the document first, he is informed that the author has not yet signed.
.05when may chart copy be printed0;5POINTER8925.6OUT OF SERVICE. Printing for a given status is governed by business rules. Indicate the status which a document must attain before it can be printed for the chart.
.06routine print event(s)0;6SET OF CODESR:release
A document of the given type, and of ROUTINE urgency, is automatically printed whenever one of these events occurs. For example, a site may specify that ROUTINE documents print only upon Completion (i.e., signature or cosignature), while STAT documents print upon Release from Transcription, MAS Verification, or both, in addition to printing upon completion. If print events are not specified, and a CHART COPY DEVICE is defined for the Medical Center Division, then the document will be auto-printed only upon completion. If field MANUAL PRINT AFTER ENTRY is set to YES, then auto-print is ignored entirely. If urgency is not specified for some document, then its urgency is considered to be routine, and the document prints when a routine print event occurs.
.07stat print event(s)0;7SET OF CODESR:release
This field is identical to ROUTINE PRINT EVENT(S), except that it applies to documents of STAT urgency rather than ROUTINE urgency.
.08manual print after entry0;8BOOLEAN1:YES
This parameter is used for documents where a manually-printed hard copy is desired following document entry. If the parameter is set to YES, the user is prompted to print a copy on exit from their preferred editor, and auto-printing (as described in fields ROUTINE/STAT PRINT EVENT(S)) is ignored.
.09allow chart print outside mas0;9BOOLEAN1:YES
This field determines whether non-MAS users (for example, providers) are asked if they want WORK copies or CHART copies when they print a document. If the field is NOT set to YES, they are not asked, and the printout is a WORK copy. Generally, this is set to YES for PROGRESS NOTES, which are likely to be printed on the Ward or in the Clinic for immediate inclusion in the chart. For DISCHARGE SUMMARIES, which are typically printed centrally, it is usually set to NO, since duplicate CHART COPIES are a particular problem.
.1allow >1 records per visit0;10BOOLEAN1:YES
This field determines whether a given document may be created more than once per visit. For example, it is often appropriate to enter multiple PROGRESS NOTES for a single HOSPITALIZATION or CLINIC VISIT, whereas only one DISCHARGE SUMMARY is usually entered per HOSPITALIZATION.
.11enable irt interface0;11BOOLEAN0:NO
This enables TIU's interface with Incomplete Record Tracking (IRT), which updates IRT's deficiencies when transcription, signature, or cosignature events are registered for a given document. NOTE: IRT is designed for DISCHARGE SUMMARIES, and is appropriate only for types of documents where only one document is expected per patient movement. We therefore ask you to leave this parameter undefined (or set it to NO) for PROGRESS NOTES.
.12irt deficiency0;12POINTER393.3This field provides a mapping between the TIU DOCUMENT DEFINITION and the corresponding IRT DEFICIENCY TYPE. For example, TIU Class DISCHARGE SUMMARY maps to IRT Deficiency Type DISCHARGE SUMMARY.
.13default printer0;13POINTER3.5NOT IN SERVICE. When a user prints a document of the given type and is prompted for DEVICE, this serves as the default.
.14suppress dx/cpt on entry0;14BOOLEAN1:YES
This parameter applies only to documents for outpatient care. Together with parameter ASK DX/CPT ON ALL OPT VISITS, it determines whether or not a user is prompted for diagnoses and procedures after signing or editing a document. If this parameter is set to YES (for suppress), the user is not prompted for this information. If this parameter is set to NO or is blank, the user may or may not be prompted, depending on the type of visit and on parameter ASK DX/CPT ON ALL OPT VISITS. If a site elects to suppress diagnoses and procedures, the site must capture this information by some other means (such as an AICS encounter form), in order to receive workload credit for these visits.
.15force response to exposures0;15BOOLEAN1:YES
When set to YES, this parameter forces the user to respond when asked to specify a veteran's Service Connection Classification (AO, IR, or EC), when creating a standalone visit.
.16ask dx/cpt on all opt visits0;16BOOLEAN1:YES
This parameter applies only to documents for outpatient care, and is IGNORED if SUPPRESS DX/CPT ON ENTRY is set to YES. If DX/CPT prompts are NOT suppressed, and ASK DX/CPT ON ALL OPT VISITS is set to YES, the user is prompted for DX/CPT information for scheduled as well as unscheduled (stand-alone) visits. If DX/CPT prompts are NOT suppressed, and ASK DX/CPT ON ALL OPT VISITS is set to NO, the user is prompted for DX/CPT information for unscheduled visits ONLY.
.17send alerts on addenda0;17BOOLEAN1:YES
This parameter determines whether AUTHORS and COSIGNERS of a document of this kind (and any of its descendent types) will receive an informational alert when addenda are added by other persons. The addendum must be in a COMPLETED or AMENDED status for an alert to be generated. Like all document parameters, it may be overridden at descendent levels of the Document Definition Hierarchy. DEFAULT is NO.
.18order id entries by title0;18BOOLEAN1:YES
This prompt applies only to notes with interdisciplinary entries under them. When an ID note is displayed or printed, the child entries are normally ordered by reference date under the parent entry. In some cases it may be preferable to order them alphabetically by title. If this parameter is set to YES, child entries are displayed by title rather than by date. The default order is by date.
.19send alerts on new id entry0;19BOOLEAN1:YES
This parameter applies only to interdisciplinary parent notes. If this parameter is set to YES, the signer (cosigner) of an interdisciplinary parent note is alerted when a new entry is added to the note. The default is NO.
.2send cosignature alert0;20SET OF CODES0:After Author has SIGNED
This parameter controls the sequence in which alerts are sent to the expected cosigner of a document. Allowable choices are:
1processing steps1;0MULTIPLE8925.951OUT OF SERVICE
2division2;0MULTIPLE8925.952Parameters CHART COPY PRINTER and STAT CHART COPY PRINTER may be independently defined according to Medical Center Division. Please indicate the Medical Center Division for which these parameters are being defined.
3editor set-up code3;E1,245FREE TEXTThis is M code which is executed prior to invoking the user's preferred editor. It ordinarily sets local variables, which are then used in the editor's header, etc. For example, code written at Boston VAMC sets a local array containing patient demographics. An M-based editor used at the site can then display demographic information in a fixed header when a user edits a document.
4filing error alert recipients4;0MULTIPLE8925.954These persons receive alerts from the upload filer process when a document of the given type cannot be filed/located, or has a missing field. If a document being uploaded has a missing/bad title, then alert recipients defined at the title level cannot be found. In this case, recipients named at the class level are alerted. For example, if a Progress Note is being uploaded and has a missing/bad title, then Progress Note-level recipients are alerted. If recipients are not specified, then alert recipients named in parameter UPLOAD ERROR ALERT RECIPIENTS in the TIU PARAMETER file are alerted as defaults.
5users requiring cosignature5;0MULTIPLE8925.955Please indicate which groups of users (i.e., User Classes) require cosignature for the type of document in question. For example, STUDENTS, INTERNS, LPNs, and other user classes may be identified as requiring a cosignature for PROGRESS NOTES. NOTE: Users specified as requiring a cosignature for DISCHARGE SUMMARY documents cannot be selected as Attending Physicians for these documents. This ensures that users who require a cosignature cannot cosign these documents.
9.01justify heading9;1SET OF CODESLJ:LEFT JUSTIFIED
9.02justify footer9;2SET OF CODESLJ:LEFT JUSTIFY
9.03justify closing9;3SET OF CODESLJ:LEFT JUSTIFY
9.04page numbers9;4BOOLEAN1:YES
9.05justify page numbers9;5SET OF CODESLJ:LEFT JUSTIFIED
9.06insert blank lines9;6NUMERIC

Not Referenced