This file allows the definition of Personal Preferences with respect to a variety of TIU's functions (e.g., Review Screen sort field and order, Default cosigner, default locations, location by day-of-week, suppression of review notes prompt on Progres note entry, etc.).
.01user name(+)0;1POINTER200BThis is the person whose preferences are represented by the record.
.02default location0;2POINTER44This hospital location is presented to the user as the default location when the user enters outpatient TIU documents. The location must be an active clinic and may not be an Occasion of Service location or a Disposition location.
.03review screen sort field0;3SET OF CODESP:patient
D:document type
R:reference date
C:completion date
E:expected cosigner
This is the attribute by which the multiple patient documents review screen lists will be sorted for the current user. In the absence of a specific entry, the list will be sorted by reference date.
.04review screen sort order0;4SET OF CODESA:ascending
This is the order in which the following review screen list(s) should be sorted according to the specified sort field (i.e., Ascending or Descending): - multiple patient documents (several options) - option Review Progress Notes [TIU OE/RR REVIEW PROG NOTES] The default will be ascending, with unsigned stat documents at the top of the list.
.05display menus0;5BOOLEAN0:NO
This field determines whether the menus for document type, search category, etc. should be automatically displayed (at least until you get to know them better).
.06patient selection preference0;6SET OF CODESS:single
This determines whether the user will be prompted to select one patient at a time, or with the OE/RR patient look-up, which allows selection of a list of patients for iterative processing.
.07ask 'save changes?' after edit0;7BOOLEAN1:YES
This parameter enables or disables the prompt (Save changes? YES//) on exit from your editor. Enabling the prompt allows you to "abandon mistakes", and helps some users avoid the accidental storage (or potential loss) of data following editing of documents.
.08ask subject for progress notes0;8BOOLEAN1:YES
Enter YES if you want to be prompted for a SUBJECT when entering or editing a Progress Note. Subject is a freetext, indexed field which may help you to find notes about a given topic, etc.
.09default cosigner0;9POINTER200This is the person whose name will appear as the default when you are prompted to name an expected cosigner for the Progress Notes which you author.
.1number of notes on rev screen0;10NUMERICThis determines the number of notes that will be included in your initial list when reviewing progress notes by patient.
.11suppress review notes prompt0;11BOOLEAN1:YES
Allows user to specify whether to suppress the prompt to Review Existing Notes on entry of a Progress Note. YES will SUPPRESS the prompt, while NO, or no entry will allow the site's default setting to take precedence.
1location by day of week1;0MULTIPLE8926.01This multiple provides a means of specifying the user's preferred location by day of week.

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