This file holds the CMS (HCFA) provider type data. In 2001, ANSI ASC X12N asked the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) to become the official maintainer of the Health Care Provider Taxonomy List (provider type). PERSON CLASS is to be used for identifying provider types for roll-ups. Patches need to review the technical description on field 90002.
.001number11This is a number field to allow adding new entries by number.
.01provider type(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is Level I of NUCC's structure of the Provider Taxonomy.
.011provider type codeCOMPUTEDThis is Level I, Provider Type - 2 byte alphanumeric consisting of the 1st and 2nd characters of X12 CODE: A code that identifies a major grouping of service(s) or occupation(s) of health care providers.
1classification0;2FREE TEXTThis is the CMS (X12) Classification (Level II).
1.1classification codeCOMPUTEDThis is Level II, Classification Code - 2 byte alphanumeric consisting of the 3rd and 4th characters of the X12 CODE: A code that identifies more specific services(s) or occupation(s) within the health care provider type. The coding is based on licensed provider classifications.
2area of specialization0;3FREE TEXTThis is Level III in NUCC's structure of the Provider Taxonomy. It is the most specific, but sometimes defines a "sub-category" of Classification.
2.1area of specialization codeCOMPUTEDThis is Level III, Area of Specialization - a 5 byte alphanumeric consisting of the 5th through 9th characters of the X12 CODE: A code that identifies the provider's specialization, a segment of the population that a health care provider chooses to service, a specific medical service, a specialization in treating a specific disease, or any other descriptive characteristic about the providers practice relating to the services rendered.
3status0;4SET OF CODESa:Active
This field will allow old entries to be disabled without removing them from the table.
4date inactivated0;5DATE-TIMEThis field holds the date that this Class was inactivated.
5va code0;6FREE TEXTFThis field holds the 7 character VA assigned code for national roll-up.
6x12 code0;7FREE TEXTGThis is the code assigned by X12N. X12 published the joint X12N and CMS Health Care Provider Taxonomy following the June 1997 X12 meeting.
7reserved0;8FREE TEXTThis field is only to help a conversion routine for updates to the file. Any data is used only be a update routine.
8specialty code0;9FREE TEXTThis field holds the specialty code associated with the classification
90002individual/non90002;2SET OF CODESI:INDIVIDUAL
This field indicates whether the entry is for an Individual or for a Non-Individual, and was added at the request of IHS in their namespace, until the file supporting Non-Individuals can be defined. Note that the current definition of the X12 CODE does not explicitly indicate whether an entry is for an Individual or for a Non-Individual, either in value or structure definition.

Referenced by 4 types

  1. BILL/CLAIMS (399) -- service facility taxonomy, non-va facility taxonomy, billing provider taxonomy
  2. OUTPATIENT PROVIDER (409.44) -- provider type code
  3. USR CLASS (8930) -- person class
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