.01critical text(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is a string of text which if present in the message text for an alert should be identified as text identifying a critical alert and the alert emphasized in whatever manner available. A second field PACKAGE-ID (#.02) may contain the identifier used by a package in the ALERTID when creating an alert. If that field is non-null, an alert will only be marked critical if the PACKAGE-ID value is present in the ALERTID for the current alert. This may be used to make critical text package-specific. The comparison of the text entered with the text in the alert is NOT case sensitive. Also, if the critical text in the alert is preceded by the word 'NOT', it will not be identified as a critical alert.
.02package-id0;2FREE TEXTThis field is used to specify, if desired, a specific package ID to be associated with the CRITICAL TEXT entered in field #.01. The value entered should be the textual part of the value used for XQAID when creating the alert(s) (e.g., OR for Order Entry or TIU for Text Integration Utility). If a non-null value is in this field, alerts containing the CRITICAL TEXT string will only be indicated as critical alerts if they also have text matching the PACKAGE-ID as a part of the ALERTID field. Matching of this value will not be case sensitive.
.03creating package0;3POINTER9.4This is the package which is responsible for creating this CRITICAL TEXT entry.

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