This file is IHS's primary patient data file. The NAME (.01) field of this file is a pointer to the VA's patient file (#2). Fields in common between the two dictionaries actually exist only in the VA patient file and are referenced by the IHS patient file as computed fields. All other files containing patient data have backward pointers linking them to this file. The linkage is by patient name and the internal FileMan gener- ated number of the ancillary file is the same number used in this file. All applications developed for the RPMS which require patient data will point to this file.
.01name(+)0;1POINTER2BThis field points to the Patient file (#2) and has the same internal number as that file. Thus, the patient's name is the Patient file (#2) name.
1201location of home12;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is the directions to get to the patients home.
4101health record no.41;0MULTIPLE9000001.41This multiple contains the different health record identifiers by facility. IHS uses a 6 character identifier. The VA uses the social security number which may be up to 10 characters.

Referenced by 16 types

  1. SDEC APPOINTMENT (409.84) -- patient
  2. PCE DEVICE INTERFACE MODULE ERRORS (839.01) -- patient name
  3. TIU DOCUMENT (8925) -- patient
  4. VISIT (9000010) -- patient name
  5. V PROVIDER (9000010.06) -- patient name
  6. V POV (9000010.07) -- patient name
  7. V IMMUNIZATION (9000010.11) -- patient name
  8. V SKIN TEST (9000010.12) -- patient name
  9. V EXAM (9000010.13) -- patient name
  10. V TREATMENT (9000010.15) -- patient name
  11. V PATIENT ED (9000010.16) -- patient name
  12. V CPT (9000010.18) -- patient name
  13. V HEALTH FACTORS (9000010.23) -- patient name
  14. V IMM CONTRA/REFUSAL EVENTS (9000010.707) -- patient name
  15. PROBLEM (9000011) -- patient name
  16. V IMMUNIZATION DELETED (9000080.11) -- patient name