This file has been designed for joint use by the Indian Health Service and the Department of Veteran Affairs. In IHS, this record, along with a purpose of visit, is required for each patient encounter at a facility, or at a visit in the home or other field location. This same requirement does not exist in the VA. Data must exist in both the Patient/IHS file and the Visit file before data can be entered here. There can be multiple providers for a given visit. The primary/secondary field identifies which provider is considered the primary provider for this visit.
.01provider(+)0;1POINTER200BThis is the provider giving patient care at this encounter.
.02patient name(+)0;2POINTER9000001Patient Name.
.03visit(+)0;3POINTER9000010ADThe encounter entry in the Visit file where the provider gave clinical care to the patient.
.04primary/secondary(+)0;4SET OF CODESP:PRIMARY
This field indicates the provider was the primary or secondary care giver for the encounter. The primary provider is usually the physician responsible for the patients care at THIS PARTICULAR encounter, where clinical decisions were being made. The primary provider for this encounter may or may not be the "Primary Care Provider" for this patient for overall care. Secondary providers are those providers, who were also providing care where clinical decisions were being made. This may be nurses, social workers, pharmacists,... There may be more than one "primary" and "secondary" V Provider entries for a particular encounter in the Visit file.
.05operating/attending0;5SET OF CODESA:ATTENDING
A Provider may be furthur identified as the "Attending" provider or an "Operating" provider for the encounter.
.06person class0;6POINTER8932.1This is the class of the provider at the time of the encounter.
1201event date and time12;1DATE-TIMEThis is the date and time the provider had the encounter with the patient. This date and time may be different from the visit date and time. For example, for clinic appointment visits, the visit date and time is the date and time of the appointment, not the time the provider performed the clinical event. The date may be an imprecise date. Date and time may be within 30 days before or after the visit date, with the restriction the date cannot be a future date.
80101edited flag801;1SET OF CODES1:EDITED
This field is automatically set to 1 if PCE detects that any original provider data is being edited.
80102audit trail801;2FREE TEXTThis field is populated automatically by the PCE filing logic. The formt of the field is as follows: Pointer to PCE data source file_"-"_A for Add or E for Edit_"-"DUZ of the persion who entered the data_";"...
81101comments811;1FREE TEXTThis is a comment related to the patient's provider. The provider may enter this manually via the PCE User Interface.
81203data source812;3POINTER839.7

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