Pharmacy-specific data -- NCPDP #, default DEA #, etc. One BPS PHARMACY has a list of one or more OUTPATIENT SITES (file 59). Per VHA Directive 2004-038, this file definition should not be modified.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name used to distinguish the BPS Pharmacy.
.02ncpdp #0;2FREE TEXTThe NCPDP # is sent as part of the electronic claim header.
.03default dea #(+)0;3FREE TEXTMany insurances require the prescriber's DEA number as part of the claim. If your pharmacy has a DEA # that may be used in case a prescriber doesn't have this DEA # on file with you, enter that default DEA # here.
.04last registered status0;4SET OF CODES1:ACTIVE
This field is set by the software in the background when registration messages are sent to Austin. If the STATUS is Inactive and the last registered status is also Inactive then this pharmacy will not be registered again as Inactive.
.09auto-reverse parameter0;9NUMERICECME shall use the following AUTO-REVERSE site parameter when determining whether non-released prescription claims (that have a PAYABLE payer returned response) are to be automatically REVERSED. The AUTO-REVERSE site parameter is set for the number of days that ECME will wait before the claim is automatically REVERSED. The user is allowed to enter a number as follows: 0 - ECME Auto-Reverse is turned off, 1 to 30 - ECME will wait the entered number of days before REVERSING the non-released Rx with a PAYABLE payer returned response.
.1status(+)0;10SET OF CODES1:ACTIVE
Indicates whether a BPS Pharmacy is active or inactive. If active, claims will be processed through ECME.
1cmop switch(+)0;8SET OF CODES0:CMOP OFF
Indicates whether ECME shall process CMOP claims. If ON, CMOP claims will be processed. If OFF, CMOP claims will not be processed.
41.01npiNPI;1FREE TEXTNational Provider ID. This is a unique ID assigned to providers by CMS. It is used as the second piece of the Claim ID field (.01) of BPS CLAIMS file (#9002313.02) and is sent as part of the electronic claim header.
41.02date/time of last npi changeNPI;2DATE-TIMEThis is the date and time of the last change to the NPI value.
102.03site city(+)ADDR;3FREE TEXTEnter City
120.01site address 1(+)ADDR;1FREE TEXTThe site's street address.
120.02site address 2ADDR;2FREE TEXTSite's address line 2.
120.03site address name(+)ADDR;8FREE TEXTSite's Business name.
120.04site state(+)ADDR;4POINTER5This is the state in which the site is located.
120.05site zip code(+)ADDR;5FREE TEXTThis is the zip code for the ePharmacy billing site.
120.06site phoneADDR;6FREE TEXTFor NCPDP claim forms.
120.07site faxADDR;7FREE TEXTFor NCPDP claim forms.
130.01remittance address name(+)REMIT;1FREE TEXTPharmacy Business Name
130.02remit address 1(+)REMIT;2FREE TEXTStreet Address (Line 1) for the Remittance Address.
130.03remit address 2REMIT;3FREE TEXTStreet Address (Line 2) for the Remittance Address.
130.04remit dwelling numberREMIT;4FREE TEXTEnter the dwelling number for the claim remittance address.
130.07remit state(+)REMIT;7POINTER5Enter the state for the claim remittance address.
130.08remit zip(+)REMIT;8FREE TEXTEnter the zip for the claim remittance address.
130.5remit other designationREMIT;5FREE TEXTEnter the other designation for the claim remittance address.
130.6remit city(+)REMIT;6FREE TEXTEnter the city for the claim remittance address.
1830.01contact namesREP;1FREE TEXTYou may enter more than one name, separated by "/". Put corresponding phone numbers separated by "/" in the phone number field. A random name-phone combination will appear on each bill and that way the calls get distributed evenly.
1830.02contact phonesREP;2FREE TEXT(See CONTACT NAMES description for details about "/"-separated list.)
1900.01va contact(+)REP;3POINTER200Pointer to the New Person file for the VA contact person information.
1900.02va alternate contact(+)REP;4POINTER200This is the alternate site contact name to be contacted if site setup problems are identified.
1900.03va lead pharmacist(+)REP;5POINTER200Pointer to the New Person file for the lead Pharmacists.
1900.04va lead pharmacist license #REP1;1FREE TEXTThe lead pharmacist license number will be used as a default on ePharmacy claims.
13800outpatient siteOPSITE;0MULTIPLE9002313.5601

Referenced by 3 types

  1. BPS LOG OF TRANSACTIONS (9002313.57) -- pharmacy
  2. BPS TRANSACTION (9002313.59) -- pharmacy
  3. BPS SETUP (9002313.99) -- default eligibility pharmacy