This file holds definitions of CIRN events that occur. When an event occurs, and entry is placed into a queue and is associated with an entry in this file. This file will determine how the event is processed (i.e., the routine to call to process the event and related HL7 Protocol). Since each event type is placed on it's on queue, this file also determines characteristics of the queue itself.
.01event type(+)0;1FREE TEXTBName given to CIRN event that describes the condition that triggers the event.
1hl7 event protocol0;2POINTER101If an event triggers an HL7 message to be transmitted to other stations, the event protocol that is triggered should be store in this field.
2priority0;3NUMERICThe priority field defines the system priority that background queue is assigned. A priority of 1 is lowest to priority 10 highest.
4hang time (seconds)0;4NUMERICWhen an event is put on a queue to be processed, a separate job is started in the background to process the entries on the queue. After all entries on the queue are processed, the job can continue to monitor the queue for new entries. The hang time defines the amount of time the job stays active waiting for new entries. If no entries are placed in the queue within the hang time, the background job stops.
When a queue is disabled, no entries will be processed on the queue.
10tag1;1FREE TEXTRoutine line tag to use to process event entries on the queue.
11routine1;2FREE TEXTName of routine to use to process event entries on the queue.
99description99;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field holds a detailed explanation of this event type and the format of its associated event stub.

Referenced by 3 types

  1. CIRN HL7 EXCEPTION LOG (991.1) -- event class
  2. CIRN EVENT EXCEPTION (995.1) -- type
  3. CIRN EVENT STATISTICS (995.2) -- type