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This file is a list of Physical Exams that have been defined specifically for use in entering Examinations performed on an Outpatient or Inpatient Encounter. This file was developed by IHS and adopted by the VA.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name of the examination being given to a patient. Enter the name of the exam using 3 to 30 characters.
.03sex specific0;3SET OF CODESM:MALE
(Optional) This is the indicator for specifying the sex for which the exam is given. Enter an "M" for male or an "F" for Female.
.04inactive flag0;4SET OF CODES1:INACTIVE
This field is used to inactivate an exam type. If this field contains a "1" then the exam type is inactive. Inactive exam types cannot be selected in the manual data entry process. Exam entries should be made inactive when they are no longer used. Do not delete the entry or change the meaning of the exam entry. To make an inactive exam type active, enter the "@" symbol to remove the "1" from the field.
8801mnemonic88;1FREE TEXTThis is a 1 - 2 character mnemonic for this exam. Mnemonics will be able to be used for selecting exams at Select EXAM prompts.

Referenced by 3 types

  1. REMINDER DIALOG (801.41) -- finding item
  2. REMINDER FINDING ITEM PARAMETER (801.43) -- finding item
  3. V EXAM (9000010.13) -- exam