This file is a table with site defined Treatment names. These are names of treatments that are not covered in the ICD-CM Procedures or the CPT Procedures. Examples may include treatments such as Ear Irrigation, or Instructions or Counseling given to a patient for a Medical Problem. When the treatment names are associated with a patients visit, they are for clinical use and do not contribute to billing and workload because of the lack of a coded CPT or ICD-CM.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe name of the treatment that is being administered. Enter the name of a treatment using 3 to 30 characters.
.04inactive flag0;4SET OF CODES1:INACTIVE
This field is used to inactivate a treatment type. If this field contains a "1" then the treatment is inactive. Inactive treatments cannot be selected in the manual data entry process. Treatment entries should be made inactive when they are no longer used. Do not delete the entry or change the meaning of the treatment entry. To make an inactive treatment type active, enter the "@" symbol to delete the "1" from the field.
8801mnemonic88;1FREE TEXT(Optional) This is a mnemonic for this treatment. Enter a mnemonic that's 1 - 6 characters in length.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. V TREATMENT (9000010.15) -- treatment