Per VHA Directive, this file has been "locked down" by Data Standardization (DS). The file definition (i.e. data dictionary) shall not be modified. All additions, changes and deletions to entries in the file shall be done by Enterprise Reference Terminology (ERT) using the Master File Server (MFS), provided by the Common Services (CS). Creating and/or editing locally defined fields in the file are not permitted. Use of locally defined fields that were created prior to the VHA Directive shall not be supported. This file contains Skin Tests. It consists of a full descriptive name, a Ten Character Abbreviated Name for the Health Summary and other reports where spaces are limited, plus a Two Digit Code (IHS only). This file was developed by IHS, and adopted by the VA for the source file representing Skin Tests.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name of the skin test (e.g Cocci,PPD). The NAME must be at least 3 characters and no more than 30 characters.
.02code0;2FREE TEXTCThis field is a two digit code representing this skin test.
.03inactive flag0;3SET OF CODES1:INACTIVE
This field is used to inactivate a skin test type. If this field contains a "1" then the skin test is inactive. Inactive skin tests cannot be selected in the manual data entry process. Skin test entries should be made inactive when they are no longer used. Do not delete the entry or change the meaning of the skin test entry. To make an inactive skin test active, enter the "@" symbol to delete the "1" from the field.
.11cpt code0;11POINTER81This is a CPT code associated with this skin test.
3coding system3;0MULTIPLE9999999.283This multiple stores the coding system(s) associated with the codes identifying this skin test.
99.97replaced by vha standard termVUID;3POINTER9999999.28AREPLACETERMThis field is populated when one Term/Concept replaces another Term/Concept. This field is controlled by standardization and should only be changed by standardization processes. This field contains a pointer to a VHA standard term that replaces this entry.
99.98master entry for vuid(+)VUID;2BOOLEAN1:YES
This field identifies the Master entry for a VUID associated with a Term/Concept.
99.99vuid(+)VUID;1FREE TEXTAVUIDVHA Unique ID (VUID). A unique meaningless integer assigned to reference terms VHA wide.
99.991effective date/timeTERMSTATUS;0MULTIPLE9999999.2899Describes the pair Status and Effective Date/Time for each reference term.
This is the CLASS of this Skin Test.
1201print name12;1FREE TEXTThis is the name of this skin test that can be used in various reports and displays where space is not available to use the full name of the skin test. This print/display name is limited to 15 characters.
8801mnemonic88;1FREE TEXT(Optional) This is a 1-2 character mnemonic for the skin test. Enter a 1-2 character mnemonic.

Referenced by 5 types

  1. REMINDER DIALOG (801.41) -- finding item
  2. REMINDER FINDING ITEM PARAMETER (801.43) -- finding item
  3. PCE CODE MAPPING (811.1) -- file entry, related supporting file entry
  4. V SKIN TEST (9000010.12) -- skin test
  5. SKIN TEST (9999999.28) -- replaced by vha standard term