This file contains a descriptive name of health factors, and their health factor category. Changes to this data dictionary should be coordinated thru the IHS DBA.
.01factor(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name of the Health Factor (e.g., Current Smoker, Non-Tobacco User)
.03category(+)0;3POINTER9999999.64AC This is the Health Factor that categorizes several factors into one group. For instance, Non smoker and Frequent Smoker would have the category of Tobacco. Enter the name of the Health Factor Category.
.04short name0;4FREE TEXT(Optional) This is a 'short name' for this health factor. If defined, it will be used on the Health Factors Component of the Health Summary Enter a 2-10 character short name for this health factor.
.05use only with sex0;5SET OF CODESF:FEMALE
(Optional) This is the sex that this health factor is used for. Enter an "F" for female or an "M" for male.
.06lower age0;6NUMERIC(Optional) This is the lower age limit that might apply to this health factor. Enter an age between 0 and 99999.
.07upper age0;7NUMERIC(Optional) This is the upper age limit that applies to this health factor. Enter a number between 0 and 99999.
.08display on health summary(+)0;8BOOLEANY:YES
(Optional) This allows the health factor to be displayed on Health Summaries. Enter a yes to display or a no to not display.
.09synonym0;9FREE TEXTD(Optional) This this the synonym for this health factor. Enter a 3 to 30 character synonym for this health factor.
.1entry type(+)0;10SET OF CODESC:CATEGORY
ADThis is the type of health factor, (e.g.,"F" for factor or "C" for category). Enter an "F" for factor or a "C" for category.
.11inactive flag0;11SET OF CODES1:INACTIVE
This field is used to inactivate a health factor type. If this field contains a "1" then the health factor is inactive. Inactive health factors cannot be selected in the manual data entry process. Health factor entries should be made inactive when they are no longer used. Do not delete the entry or change the meaning of the health factor entry. To make an inactive health factor active, enter the "@" symbol to delete the "1" from the field.
1101not used with11;0MULTIPLE9999999.641101Some health factors are not used with others. This is the group of health factors that this factor is not used with.

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