This file contains the text of help frames created via the Help Processor (XQH). Help frames may be associated with options or with data dictionary fields to provide on-line instruction. The file is cross-referenced by name, header, date entered, author, and editor.
.001number11This field uniquely identifies a help frame.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe unique name of the frame, preceded with the package prefix name, similar to option names.
1header0;2FREE TEXTA short description of the frame, succinctly describing the content of the frame
2text1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThe actual text of the help frame, which will be displayed when the user presses question mark. Screen breaks are indicated by a line terminating with "..". continuation screens, or 'related frames'.
3related frame2;0MULTIPLE9.22This is a multiple field which contains information on the other help frames which are related to the current help frame through specific keywords. The keywords may be selected to obtain additional information about the topic through the related help frame(s).
3.5want to load keywords (y/n)?0;5FREE TEXTThis field is designed for internal use. Its input transform will invoke a routine to associate keywords with related help frames.
4date entered0;3DATE-TIMEDDate/time that this frame was entered into the system, which is used to track new Help frame activity.
5invoked by routine3;0MULTIPLE9.23This field is for documentation purposes. It serves as a record of which routines reference a particular help frame.
6author0;4POINTER200ACThe person who created the entry for this help frame. This is a triggered field, it's value determined by the creator of the .01 entry.
7editor4;0MULTIPLE9.24Users who are allowed to edit this help frame, as determined by the author.
8date last updatedCOMPUTEDThis field is used to maintain an indication of the date on which the help frame was last modified or updated.
10.1entry execute statement10.1;E1,245FREE TEXTThis field is used to include an M code statement which is executed as the user enters this help frame.
10.2exit execute statement10.2;E1,245FREE TEXTThis field is used to provide an M code statement which is to be executed as the user exits the current help frame (whether moving into another help frame or back out of the current help frame).

Referenced by 1 types

  1. OPTION (19) -- help frame