This file is used to document system routines. Parameters and entry points may be described. When running %INDEX, some fields will be given values as the %INDEX verification tool locates variables, globals, and routine references. When using the %Z editor, the Edit History multiple will be filled in with date, device, user, and UCI. The %ZOSF("TEST") node may be executed, checking $T, to determine whether a routine listed in this file exists in the current account. This file is cross-referenced by name.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe name of the PACKAGE, ROUTINE, or PROGRAM being documented.
This defines whether an entire PACKAGE of programs is being documented, or a single pecific ROUTINE.
1.2size (bytes)0;3NUMERICWhen XINDEX is run, the size of the routine is calculated and entered into this field.
1.4date of %index run0;4DATE-TIMEThis field holds the date when %INDEX was run.
1.5rsum value0;5NUMERICThis field is used by the Routine monitor program to store a check sum of the routine.
1.6rsum date0;6DATE-TIMEThis field holds the date of the last change in the RSUM value.
2description1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a description of the PACKAGE, ROUTINE, or PROGRAM being documented.
2.1brief description2;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field holds a short description of the routine.
4parameters (in/out)3;0MULTIPLE9.83Any essential or useful parameters are documented here.
5tagT;0MULTIPLE9.801Any important TAGs or ENTRY POINTs in the program are documented here.
6checksum report6;1SET OF CODES0:Local - don't report
1:Local - report
2:National - report
3:National - Deleted or NOT tracked
Entries flagged with "National - report" should not be changed, with "FOR National - Deleted or NOT tracked" for routines that do not exist in the system. Sites may determine if they want reports on checksum differences for local routines by selecting "Local - report".
6.1locally modified6;2BOOLEAN1:YES
This field was introduced by the VISTA Auto-patch Utility v2.0 for the purpose of not installing patches that contain routines with local mods. If the value is set to YES for a given routine VAPU will not install a patch or any of the routines contained in the patch.
6.2deleted by patch6;3FREE TEXTThis field is set by KIDS during an Install when the routine is sent with the 'delete at site'. It holds the patch name.
7.1checksum date4;1DATE-TIMEThis field holds the date the Checksum was last saved.
7.2checksum value4;2FREE TEXTThis is the saved Checksum value. The letter at the front tells us what checksum algorithm was used. It is loaded from the KIDS build on FORUM and sent to the sites. The only application that should load date into this field are on FORUM and the Master File Update routines in the field.
7.3patch list at checksum time4;3FREE TEXTThis field holds the patch list from the second line of the routine at the time the checksum was updated by the XTRUTL routine. in new code on the fly.
7.4kids install date4.1;1DATE-TIMEThis field will be updated by KIDS when a package is installed.
9dev patch9;0MULTIPLE9.819
19routine invoked19;0MULTIPLE9.803The names of the routines which this routine uses.
20invoked by20;0MULTIPLE9.804The names of the routines which use this routine.
21variables21;0MULTIPLE9.805This subfile holds a list of the variables used in the routine.
22globals22;0MULTIPLE9.806This subfile lists the globals that are referenced in this routine.
23edit history23;0MULTIPLE9.823This subfile provides an edit history of this routine according to the date that the %Z editor was used to modify the routine.
6000size (bytes)COMPUTEDThis field may be used to calculate the size of the routine as an alternative to the %INDEX calculation stored in Field 1.2 of this file.

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