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This parameter is multi-instance for the purpose of retrieving all the default values for all the CVision parameters. Set of codes type is used instead of the yes/no type as the treatment planning software expects NO=0 and YES=-1. Instance name Value Entitiy ———————- ————————– ———— csApplicationName free text Sys csCompanyName free text Sys,Pkg,User csDebugMode set of codes (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csDefaultMode soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csDefaultPrinter free text Pkg,User csDefaultToPrimary soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg csDoctorName soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csDragonEnabled soc(y/n) Sys csExamSequence free text (15:19) Sys,Pkg,User csExcessPocket numeric (0:15) Sys,Pkg,User csExcessPocketColor numeric (0-9,999,999,999) Sys,Pkg,User csFGMFromGumLine soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csFGMWarning free text (0:80) Sys,Pkg,User csFurcationWarning numeric (1:4) Sys,Pkg,User csMGJWarning numeric (1:10) Sys,Pkg,User csMobilityWarning numeric Sys,Pkg,User can only be .5,1,1.5,2,2.5 csNormPocketColor numeric (0-9,999,999,999) Sys,Pkg,User csPocketWarning numeric (1:15) Sys,Pkg,User csPrintChart soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csPrintPatNotes soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csPrintToothNotes soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csPrintTransactions soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csShowMGJTrace soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csSpeechFeedbackEn soc (y/n) Sys csTransDisplay numeric (0-9,999,999,999) Sys,Pkg,User csWarnDuplicateTrans soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csShowSeqOnStart soc (y/n) Sys,Pkg,User csSeqFormSettings free text (0:100) Sys,Pkg,User


Property Value
Summary CVision Setup Parameters
Value Type free text
Value Domain 1-240
Multiple Instances true

Allowable Entities

Precedence Entity

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