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This parameter is used to trigger a notification/alert when a specific orderable item is expiring for an outpatient. If the value for the orderable item flag is "YES", the entity (user, team, device) flagging the orderable item becomes a potential alert recipient for ALL patients. If the value is "NO", the entity (user, team, device), flagging the orderable item only becomes a potential alert recipient if that entity is "linked" to the patient. (If a device is added to the potential recipient list, it will always receive the alert.) Users are linked to a patient if the user is the patient's attending physician, primary inpatient provider, PCMM primary care practitioner, PCMM associate provider, user is assigned to a position on the patient's PCMM primary care team or user shares an OE/RR team with the patient. OE/RR teams are linked to a patient if the patient is on the team. (If a patient is on a team that has flagged an orderable item, all users on that team become potential alert recipients.) Devices (printers, etc.) are linked to a patient if the device and patient are on the same OE/RR team.


Property Value
Summary Flag Item to Send OUTPT EXPIRING Notifs
Value Type yes
Value Domain Y:yes;N:no
Multiple Instances true

Allowable Entities

Precedence Entity

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