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This parameter is used to trigger a notification/alert when a specificorderable item is resulted for an inpatient. Results only apply to orderswhich can be resulted (lab, imaging, consults.) If the value for the orderable item flag is "YES", the entity (user,team, device), flagging the orderable item becomes a potential alertrecipient for ALL patients. If the value is "NO", the entity (user,team, device), flagging the orderable item only becomes a potentialalert recipient if that entity is "linked" to the patient. (If a deviceis added to the potential recipient list, it will always receive thealert.) Users are linked to a patient if the user is the patient's attendingphysician, primary inpatient provider, PCMM primary care practitioner,PCMM associate provider, user is assigned to a position on the patient'sPCMM primary care team or user shares an OE/RR team with the patient.OE/RR teams are linked to a patient if the patient is on the team. (Ifa patient is on a team that has flagged an orderable item, all users onthat team become potential alert recipients.) Devices (printers, etc.)are linked to a patient if the device and patient are on the same OE/RRteam.


Property Value
Summary Flag Item to Send INPT RESULT Notifs
Value Type yes
Value Domain Y:yes;N:no
Multiple Instances true

Allowable Entities

Precedence Entity

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