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The AUTO-POST - AWAITING RESOLUTION screen that is generated whenexecuting the RCDPE AUTO-POST AWAITING RESOLUTION option provides thecapability to filter the data displayed via the Change View action. TheChange View action saves the filter preferences by user. Parameter Instance Possible Value ————————————————————————–ALL_PAYERS/RANGE_OF_PAYERS 3 fields:A/R;StartWith;GoTo (e.g.,'R;AE;AEZ') Note: The second and third fields of ALL_PAYERS/RANGE_OF_PAYERS are only present When the first field is set to 'R' (Range of Payers) MEDICAL/PHARMACY 1 field: M/P/BNote: M/P/B (M)edical (P)harmacy or (B)


Property Value
Summary Display unposted EEOBs by user pref
Value Type free text
Value Domain  
Multiple Instances true

Allowable Entities

Precedence Entity

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