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This call will allow the updating of certain fields in file 228.You can delete a locally added medical CPT code.You can edit the diagnosis codes mapped to any CPT code.


Property Value
Label FILE
MUMPS Implementation DENTVRP3

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DATA LIST 20 true DATA(1) = ien for file 228DATA(n) = <file 228 field number> ^ new value n = 2,3,4,5,6,7 The only acceptable fields are .01,.18,.16,1.14,1.15,3,5For field .01, the only accpetable values are <null> or "@" indicating the desire to delete the entry. For field .16, the acceptable value is the IEN to the VA DSS Product line. For field 5 the acceptable value is the external Dx code. There must be at least one Dx code for each procedure. If the other data is not sent, it will be deleted in the database. Example: DATA(1)=100268 DATA(2)=".18^30" RVU DATA(3)=".16^1" PRODUCT LINE IEN DATA(4)="1.14^500.00" VA COST DATA(5)="1.15^555.00" EQUIV PRIVATE COST DATA(7)="3^" ADMIN GUIDELINE DATA(8)="5^528.3" PRIMARY DEFAULT DX the first entry DATA(9)="5^528.5" ADDITIONAL DEFAULT DX DATA(10)="5^528.09" ADDITIONAL DEFAULT DX DATA(11)="5^525.40" ADDITIONAL DEFAULT DX DATA(12)="5^V60.0" ADDITIONAL DEFAULT DX
KEY LITERAL 1 true Check which security key this user has. The default value is 'L', or youmay pass 'M' If L, then see if user owns the local edit security key toedit entries in the local number space (>100,000). If you pass 'M' thenthis will check to see if the user owns the VACO security key and if sothen the user can edit any entry in the file.

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