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This rpc will extract data from the history file (228.1) and format itso that the data can be imported into a spreadsheet. The data will be indelimited format, with the ‘^’ as the delimiter.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation DENTVRP9

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
SDT LITERAL 14 true This is the start date/time for the extract. The date/time must be inFileman internal format.
EDT LITERAL 14 true This is the end date for the extract. It must be in internal Filemanformat.
PROV LITERAL 20 true Optional - if you want to extract only those records for a particularprovider, then pass that provider's ien from file 200.
DFN LITERAL 20 true Optional - if you wish to extract records for a particular patient, thenpass the ien of that patient.
FLG LITERAL 4 true Contains the string CFPO or any combination of that. C=complete txns (defaulted for old extract option) P=planned txns F=Findings O=Observed
STN LITERAL 10 true Contains the external facility ID (500, 500BZ, etc) for which the user wants extracted data. If this field is null (not sent), then all facilities will be returned.

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