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The will process the data from the DRM GUI and file it to the corresponding files. It will create a record in file 221, 228.1, one or more files in 228.2, and will file data to PCE.


Property Value
Label UPD
MUMPS Implementation DENTVRF
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DATA LIST 250 true This array will contain all the data needed. data(1) = p1^p2^p3^p4^p5^p6^p7 where p1=dfn p2=visit file ien p3=appt date.time p4=new appt date.time p5=location (file 44 ien) p6=primary provider p7=primary icd9 for pce data(2) = secondary provider^sec prov^sec prov^ …. data(3) = p1^p2^p3^p4^p5^p6 [ SC^AO^IR^EC^MST^HNC ] data(4)= DAS category ^ bedsection ^ disposition ^ station.division NOTES: Must have a location in order to create a new visit by passing anew appointment date.time If filing data to PCE, then location andprimary ICD9 are mandatory data(n) = p1^p2^p3^p4^…^p12 where n=5,6,7,8,9…. and where p1 = optional - flag for filing data p2 = cptcode (.01 field value from file 81) p3 = tooth# (0-32) p4 = surfaces p5 = canals p6 = quadrants p7 = primary (Y) p8 = icd9 code (primary diag code for this procedure and tooth) p9,p10,p11,p12 - optional secondary icd9 codes NOTES: p1 is optional - format mmm where m is either 0 or 1 null or 111 - file data to old DAS, new dental history, and to PCE 000 - don't file data - should never be 100 - file to old DAS only 010 - file to new dental history only 001 - file to PCE only 110 - file to old DAS and new dental history 101 - file to old DAS and PCE 011 - file to new dental history and PCE p4,p5,p6,p8-p11 - all optional - send data only if relevant p5 - qty may be eliminated pending outcome of current messages

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