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This RPC adds, updates or marks as deleted, records to the Treatment Plan Transaction/Exam file (#228.2). The only record type supported by this RPC is the Head and Neck type, where the TYPE field (.29)=4.


Property Value
Label HNC
MUMPS Implementation DENTVTP4
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
INPUT LIST 30 true This is the input array for adding, updating or deleting multiple Head&Neck transaction types to the Treatment Plan Transaction/Exam file(#228.2). The input array will contain the following data: data("ENC")=pointer to the DENTAL HISTORY file (#228.1) required for Adding new records, optional for update records data(n) =p1^p2^p3^p4^p5^p6^p7^p8^p9^p10^p11^p12^p13^p14^p15 =WP^word processing text =WP^word processing text, etc where n=number and p1=txn id (-1 for add, valid txn id for update/delete) p2=prov id, p3=X coord (number), p4=Y coord (number) p5=lesion dt in external fmt (MM/DD/YY@HH:MM) p6=color (number), p7=shape (number), p8=size (0,1,2 from 228.3) p9=description, p10=deleted flag, p11=master flag p12=link to master (pointer to 228.2), p13=result flag p14=read only flag, p15=status (A=add,U=update,D=mark as deleted)

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