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This will allow you to add, update, or delete a record in file 228.6


Property Value
Label NOTE
MUMPS Implementation DENTVTP6
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DATA LIST 256 true DATA(1) = $STARTDATA(2) = FLG ^ IEN ^ DFN ^ DATE ^ TOOTH ^ PLAN if $G(FLG)="",$G(IEN)<1 then default to ADD FLG - optional - A add new note U replace existing text D delete note for this patient,date,tooth IEN - opt/req - pointer to TP NOTE file (#228.6) required for Update or Delete DFN - required - pointer to the patient file DATE - optional - external date (time not allowed) default to todayTOOTH - required - 0, 1-32, 99 DATA(n) = text of note where n =3,4,5,6,…DATA(n) = $END

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