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This calls FILE^DIE to file data. It can only file data at a single level (top, multiple, a multiple within a multiple, etc.). It presumes you know how to set Param[x] properly in Fileman syntax.


Property Value
Label FILE
MUMPS Implementation DSICDDR0
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
FILE LITERAL 15 true This is the file number (or subfile number) for which data is to be filed.
IENS LITERAL 40 true This is the IENS parameter to the FILE^DIE call. If you are filing data to a file at top level fields, then IENS must be <null>. If you are filing data to a subfile entry then IENS must be properly defined.
FLAGS LITERAL 10 true This is the FLAGS parameter used when invoking FILE^DIE.If no value is passed, then the default value is "KE"
DATA LIST 250 true This is an array of fields in format: DATA(field_num)=value

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